PDF to TIFF: How to Convert a PDF to a TIFF File

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If you have interacted with PDF files extensively, you know how hard it is to edit or change them. Fortunately, other file types are available to make this process smooth. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is one of the formats you can consider converting your PDF files into for different functionality.

It is an Adobe file type with high-quality images and allows you to retain image quality after compression. TIFF is perfect for image-based projects documents if you wish to manipulate them. Since PDF limits editing or changing without converting to another format, chances are you would like to switch to TIFF and do that.

This article explains how you can convert a PDF to a TIFF file.

Use WinZip PDF Express to convert your files

How to convert PDF to TIFF using WinZip PDF Express

  1. The first step is to download WinZip PDF Express on your computer.
  2. Launch the program and select 'Convert PDF.'
  3. Choose the PDF you wish to upload and convert to TIFF.
  4. Select your preferred output format under the 'Save As' window.
  5. You can rename the file for easy retrieval by clicking on the file name.
  6. Select 'Save As' type and choose image file (TIFF). After that, you can save your documents, and WinZip PDF Express will convert your PDF file into TIFF.

WinZip PDF Express application does far more than opening and converting PDF files to TIFF. It allows users to create PDF files, edit them and package multiple documents and images into one PDF. You can also scan in paper images, then reorder, rotate or even delete the pages you don't need. This article explains how you can convert a PDF to a TIFF file.

WinZip PDF Express also allows locking files with a password or signing them with a digital certificate. Now that it eases the editing of PDF files, this security feature is proof that no one has tampered with the document.

WinZip PDF Express also eases file sharing either as an email attachment, an instant message, or on social media. You can also save it to the default cloud service, share the link, and copy it to the clipboard.


PDF is a popular standard format used to share different professional documents. Users prefer it due to its high security and restriction to editing and truncations. However, you may want to make important changes to your PDF document. TIFF is a suitable format when you want to edit your files.

A file converter such as WinZip PDF Express will help you switch your PDF files into TIFF and make the changes you want. Besides, it allows you to do other customizations, including adding a watermark. Visit our product page to download.

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