Add Page Numbers to PDF

Add Page Numbers to PDF

Add Page Numbers to a PDF In Seconds With WinZip PDF Pro


Simple Page Numbering Process

Simple Page Numbering Process

If you've received a PDF without page numbers it can be difficult to refer back to and share with others. Fortunately WinZip PDF Pro makes it extremely easy to add page numbers to a PDF with a very simple page numbering process.

Easy and Quick to use

Easy and Quick to use

In WinZip PDF Pro, adding page numbers to a PDF can be done in just moments. Within a few clicks of a button you can add page numbers to PDFs, making them more readable, useful and shareable.

FREE 7-Day Trial

FREE 7-Day Trial!

There’s no need to commit to a purchase or supply any personal details to get started. Simply download WinZip PDF Pro and get started for free for seven days.

How to add page numbers to PDF in 3 easy steps:

With just 3 simple steps, WinZip PDF Pro makes it extremely easy to add page numbers to your PDF.

Open WinZip PDF Pro

1. Open WinZip PDF Pro

Open your PDF file with WinZip PDF Pro.

Add Your Page Numbers

2. Add Your Page Numbers

Select Edit and then select Page Number.

Refine the Page Numbers

3. Refine the Page Numbers

Specify the font, format and size you desire. Then click Apply.

That's all you need to do! Adding page numbers to PDFs takes just moments and anyone can do it in WinZip PDF Pro.


Quick Answers to Your Questions.

Can I add page numbers on a PDF for free with this tool?

We're thrilled to offer WinZip PDF Pro for free for seven days without any restrictions, so the full capabilities of the program are yours to enjoy. If, after the seven days, you don't need it then you don't need to commit to a purchase. Simple as that.

What Else Can WinZip PDF Pro Do?

Adding page numbers to your PDFs is just the start of it. WinZip PDF Pro is an all-in-one PDF manager. Edit, comment, merge and add watermarks to your PDFs, then compress them, sign them, lock and unlock them - and that's not all. Through WinZip PDF Pro you can also convert PDFs to other document types like XLS, Word and PPT as well as countless image file types. The tools are there, so get stuck in!