Combine PDF Files

Combine PDF Files Into One

Merge PDF Files Into A Single PDF Quickly & Easily


Quickly combine PDF files

Quickly combine PDF files

Working with multiple PDFs can be a pain. They’re easy to view, but difficult to edit and combine into a single workable document. WinZip PDF Pro removes all of those frustrations, and lets you quickly and easily combine multiple PDFs into a single document. If you’re looking for an easy way to combine PDF files, look no further.

Free 7-day trial

Free 7-day trial

Looking for a test drive? Simply download WinZip PDF Pro and try it out. No, you don’t need to enter any credit card details, and no, you don’t need to enter an email address. It’s yours to test, completely for free.

No limitations to file size

No limitations to file size

Go as big as you want! WinZip PDF Pro doesn’t impose any restrictions on file size, so if you want to merge PDFs into one super PDF, go right ahead. The only thing affecting it will be the speed of whatever computer you’re working on.

No limitations on the number of PDF files to combine

No limitations on the number of PDF files to combine

Perhaps even more importantly, we won’t restrict the number of files you want to combine. Three PDFs? 10 PDFs? 400 PDFs? Combine them all in just a few clicks with our easy, quick and secure PDF combiner.

Easily combine PDF files in the order you want

Easily combine PDF files in the order you want

We know the frustrations. You finally find a PDF merger that works, only when you look at the final document you find everything in completely the wrong order. WinZip PDF Pro actually combines PDF in the order that you want them, and switching them around is easy too.

Secure PDF combiner

Secure PDF combiner

Your documents aren’t stored anywhere online. They aren’t shared, or copied, or leaked to anyone you wouldn’t want viewing the contents. All data is handled completely securely and WinZip PDF Pro manages the process offline, keeping it entirely on your own local system.

How to Combine PDFs 4 Simple Steps

In just four steps, you can go from multiple PDFs to a single, tidy PDF and all it takes is a few clicks of a button.

Open WinZip PDF Pro

1. Open WinZip PDF Pro

It’s a simple start: open WinZip PDF Pro and select Merge.

Choose Your documents

2. Choose Your documents

Select the PDF files you’d like to combine, whether it’s two or two thousand.

Order Your documents

3. Order Your documents

Drag the pages to rearrange them in your preferred order, then click Merge.

Save Your New PDF

4. Save Your New PDF

Choose the location where you want to save the new combined PDF and click Save.

From multiple PDFs to one single PDF in just a few seconds.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order pages in my merged PDF?

However you like! Once you’ve grouped all of your PDFs together merged them, WinZip PDF Pro will give you the option to order them whichever way you want to. It’s a simple click-and-drag mechanism and you can spend as long as you like on it to make it perfect. Download WinZip PDF Pro and you’ll have seven days free to try it out for yourself.

Can I combine PDF files offline?

Yep! Once you’ve downloaded the software you can disconnect the computer from the internet and use it as much as you like. WinZip PDF Pro works completely offline, without any internet connection required.

Can I delete and reorder pages after I merge files?

Absolutely. Once you’ve merged your PDF files, you have the opportunity to delete pages, reorder them, rotate them and adjust them however you like. Once you’re happy with the order of the pages simply hit Merge and you’ll receive your final output: one single PDF.

Can I merge files that are not PDFs into one PDF?

We set out to make WinZip PDF Pro as convenient and useful as possible. To combine PDFs, first you need to convert other files into PDF files. And that’s easy with the convert feature. If you have a collection of XLS, PPT, DOC and image files, convert them all easily to PDF then it’s a simple case of combining those PDFs.

How many pages can I include in a merged PDF?

As many as you like. There is no limit to the number of pages you can include in a merged PDF document, and similarly no limit to the size of the PDFs you work with. Whatever works for you can be managed within WinZip PDF Pro.

What else can WinZip PDF Pro do?

If you’re looking for a general PDF hub, look no further than WinZip PDF Pro. As well as working as a PDF merger and you can use the platform to edit the content of PDFs, lock and unlock documents to make them secure, convert different file types to and from PDF, and compress them to reduce the size.

Will my combined file be secure?

Data security was high on our list of priorities when designing WinZip PDF Pro. We know how important it is for people to keep their documents safe and secure, and we’re proud to say it is 100% secure. With all of the documents processed through WinZip PDF Pro offline, we don’t store anything on the cloud so there is no risk of unwanted access.