It is frustrating to wade through piles in an office full of paper documents. Luckily, scanning documents to PDF is an ideal solution to these mountains of files. With your documents in PDF format, it is not only easier to organize, search and share files but also saves space, increases efficiency, and minimizes costs.

But before you have the documents in PDF format, you must know how to scan and save the files in that format. However, you need a method that scans the files directly and saves them as a PDF without having to go through intermediate formats such as JPEG that are not necessary for your business. That way, you can save time and disk space on your computer.

If you're wondering how to scan documents into PDF format, then this article is for you.

How to make a scan save as a PDF

Using Windows Fax and Scan

  1. First, you can scan files directly as PDF using Windows Fax and Scan.
  2. You start by opening the Window Fax and Scan program on your computer. Select 'new scan' in the toolbar.
  3. Select or view a different scanner through the change button in the scanner section.
  4. Choose the file type that you want to scan as either Documents or Photo in the profile section. You can change to other default settings.
  5. Select the scan button to start scanning the hard copy in the scanner.
  6. After completing the scan, you can select the file menu and click the print option. That way, you will save the document as a PDF.
  7. When the print dialog appears, choose 'Microsoft Print to PDF' from the drop-down menu and select the print button.
  8. Feed the name of the scanned file and choose the location you want to find it.
  9. Finally, select Save to save your file as a PDF.

Using Windows Scan

You can also use the Windows Scan App to scan documents to PDF in Windows 10.

  1. Launch the Windows Scan app on your PC.
  2. The Windows Scan app will detect the scanner automatically. But if it finds more than one scanner, you have to choose the one you wish to use.
  3. Choose the PDF option in the file type box in the left pane.
  4. Finally, select the scan button to start scanning the paper in the scanner.

Once the scanning is complete, you will see a small banner where you can view the scanned PDF file. Now you know how to scan a document into PDF. But what is the process when you have multiple pages?

How to scan pages into a PDF

Using WinZip PDF Pro you can scan pages into an existing PDF. Here is how:

  1. Open the PDF file
  2. Select the scan function in the tool’s menu
  3. Select the scanner and scan the documents
  4. Insert the documents into the position you want them in

Windows Fax and Scan and Windows Scan are two different apps that allow you to scan documents into PDF files. However, these are basic apps and lacks superior features to enhance your activities around PDF files. A third-party program such as the WinZip PDF Pro app has several capabilities beyond scanning files to PDF.

First, you can use it to merge or convert various file types, including Word, JPG, Excel, etc., into one PDF or export a PDF file into an image or Word document.  It also allows you to add, delete or reorder pages from the PDF. After scanning your files into a PDF, WinZip Share Express allows you to secure and share them in a few clicks of a button to one or multiple locations.


File management is a crucial operation in any business, institution, or workplace. Having your files in a standard format is a perfect move, especially when working with multiple paged documents. The best option is to scan files to PDF format since it allows viewing from any device while retaining the format across the board.

With the WinZip PDF Pro app, you can scan single or multiple files into a PDF file and do other operations, including adding or deleting pages, securing, and even sharing. Visit our product page to learn more.

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