PDF pages are meant for viewing, not editing, and as such can look unorganized and unprofessional. To make your PDF pages look efficient, you need a program to arrange, combine, reorder, and insert PDF pages in any order you'd like, so you can make your document more coherent. This guide will talk about how to rearrange PDF pages and why WinZip is the program to use for all your PDF needs.

How to rearrange PDF pages

Generally, you want a program that can organize your PDF pages so that they can be easily read and understood.

How to Rearrange pages in WinZip PDF Pro:

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Pro
  2. Make sure you are in the Edit mode and then select and drag the pages into the positions you want them in using the left panel
  3. Save the PDF file when you are done

In addition, there are certain functions you want every program to be able to do with your PDF pages to improve their functionality. Some of the functionalities you should look for include:

  • Rearrange: our PDF pages will not necessarily be in the order you want them. Therefore, you will want a program to rearrange the pages in different configurations based on your needs.
  • Combining: Sometimes, two PDF pages will contain complementary thoughts. You want a program that can combine those pages into one clear document.
  • Delete: ou want to have the ability to delete PDF pages as well. Whether it's to eliminate any duplication, erase errors, or simply clean up PDF files once they are no longer needed.
  • Insert: Imagine you are finished with your presentation when new facts come in. You want to be able to insert PDF pages where they need to be so that your new information can be combined with the rest of the documents.

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

WinZip is the perfect program for all your PDF needs. It combines functionality with ease of use, making it the industry leader when dealing with the PDF format. By using WinZip's software, you can utilize PDFs in various manners, including all of the functionalities list above, along with:

  • Converting files: Everyone has converted files to a PDF format only to have all their formatting rearranged. WinZip converts your file to a PDF page and keeps your formatting intact.
  • Combining Files: Combining PDF pages with different programs can be difficult and frustrating. WinZip makes it easy and allows you to connect any number of your PDF pages into one large file.
  • Select file order: It can be challenging to determine what order your PDF pages are going to be in and even more frustrating to put them into a different order. WinZip makes this a snap and allows you to order your PDF pages in any order you please.
  • Adding an E-Signature: Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to send a PDF packet only to discover you've forgotten to sign it. WinZip allows you to add your E-signature to your PDF packet easily and without having to open every single page.
  • Conclusion

    WinZip PDF Pro is your perfect tool for manipulating PDF pages. With WinZip, you can easily organize the PDF in thumbnail view, delete entire selected PDF pages, rotate selected pages clockwise or counterclockwise, reorder the pages, and pull a range of pages to create a new and separate PDF file. As a result, WinZip is the industry leader in boosting productivity, simplifying file sharing, and keeping information private.

    WinZip boasts the world's number one compression and encryption software, WinZip offers apps for all of today's most popular platforms and devices, giving users a better way to exchange files in the cloud, email, and social media. So when you are looking for a PDF solution, go with the company you use for the rest of your business needs, WinZip.

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