PDF files have numerous editing capabilities that range from field customization to text editing. You probably know how to edit text and insert images, but did you know you could also add shapes to your PDF file? Adding shapes to a PDF file will help annotate your documents, draw attention to an object, and highlight passages. Here is a guide on how to add shapes to the PDF file.

How to add shapes to a PDF

It can be confusing to add shapes to your PDF file if you are not used to it. You can avoid making costly mistakes by following the guide below on how to add shapes in PDF. You can add triangles, ellipses, rectangles, and other shapes to the PDF.

Add shapes using WinZip PDF Pro

Using PDF Pro is one of the ways you can add shapes to your PDF. The program allows you to create and modify your PDF file with its advanced editing tools. Here is how to use WinZip to add shapes to PDF files.

  1. Launch WinZip PDF Pro and open the PDF file. Click on "tools".
  2. Click the "Shapes" tab at the top of the window.
  3. Choose the shape you want from the dialog box that appears. You can add arrows, rectangles, ovals, and any other shape you want, depending on your needs.
  4. Once you choose the shape. Put it in the correct location on your PDF file. You can save the file to your computer once you are satisfied with the changes.

Add shapes to a PDF on Mac Using Preview

If you use a Mac, you can insert shapes into a PDF file using the Preview app. With Preview, you can view files such as PNGs, PDFs, and JPEGs. The app has tools you can use to draw shapes like rectangles, arrows, and stars in your file. It is a free tool that has been installed already. There is no need to download it. Here is a tutorial to add shapes in the PDF with Preview.

  1. Go to your PDF in Preview and click on the "toolbox" button. It opens up the markup toolbar.
  2. Click on the "shapes" icon to add a shape of your choice. You will see common shapes like circles, polygons, rectangles, arrows, and lines. Once you choose a shape, it'll appear in the center of the PDF file. You can move the shape to the correct position by clicking on it once. When you hover the cursor into the shape, it changes to a grabbing hand. Now you can click and drag the shape to the location you want it to be.
  3. You can resize the shape by clicking on the blue handles. You can also change the thickness of the shape and shadow to the shape border. Preview also allows you to change the color of your shape's outline.
  4. Once you are done editing, you can export the file to your Mac computer.

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

WinZip PDF Pro, is a powerful PDF editor that gives you a wide range of editing and creation options. You'll enjoy its editing capabilities, like adding text, images, rubber stamps, files, links, shapes, and much more.


Now you know how to add shapes to a PDF file and WinZip PDF Pro is the best option. The tool will help you to add shapes you want. You can also edit, convert and manage your files with a lot of flexibility. Adding shapes has been made easier. You can now easily add shapes to your PDF file to include all the information you want.

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