Whether you have a PDF file that requires the creator to edit or you're simply reading a file online, you can add comments in the documents within wide-ranging applications. WinZip PDF Pro, and other PDF programs allow users to add comments while viewing the document online. Gone are the days when you first had to open a comment tool to access the needed annotations and markup tools. Here's the question: How do you use the PDF comment tool?

This guide is here to help you get started with PDF comments. It provides the steps and actions to take to add comments to PDF like a pro.

How to best utilize comment features in a PDF

You can use the comment tool in a PDF document to tweak texts in a PDF format. The following are ways you can maximize the use of these comment features.

  • Indicate texts that require editing
  • Strikethrough
  • Highlight text
  • Underline text
  • Replace text
  • Add text comment
  • Drawing tool

How to add comments in a PDF

According to a 2018 PDFA surveillance report, PDF-related online searches have been on the rise. Many people want to do more with PDF, including learning how to comment on PDF and edit files using other related programs. By adhering to the steps provided below, you'll quickly develop a knack for commenting on PDF files.

How to make comments on a PDF while reading

If you need to make comments or add a note to text while reading a PDF document, here are the steps in WinZip PDF Pro:

  1. Launch PDF Pro and open the PDF you need to comment in
  2. Select the comment pop out from the right-side panel
  3. Select the text that you need to comment in and add your comment
    • a. You can also accept, reject, cancel, and complete comments
  4. Be sure to save your file

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

WinZip PDF Pro is a full-stack PDF creator/editor and has all the tools you need to create and edit your PDF files. On top of its comment feature, you can also protect files, add markup, highlight text, etc.

Having all your files jammed up everywhere in your computer or other devices can significantly "eat up" your storage space. It also makes it challenging to access documents whenever you need them. Make your file management practices hassle-free by investing in the WinZip Pro file management tool. The software provides a one-stop file compression application that lets you unzip files in over 17 formats, including Zip, RAR, 7z, Zipx, TAR, XZ, VHD, and POSIX TAR, among others.

With WinZip, you boast of having the best-in-class file management and compression tool. Users enjoy several benefits with WinZip. They include:

  • Versatility - You can use WinZip's unmatched file compression program to manage documents on various devices, from Windows PCs to Android and iOS devices.
  • Multi-platform file sharing – WinZip users also enjoy the freedom to unzip and share files by email, social media, and instant messages (IM). Additionally, you can share links to your cloud files easily.
  • Enhanced Security – WinZip protects your personal data using fool-proof, banking-grade encryptions to guarantee you're the only one with authorized access to your documents and how you use them, whether you want to share, delete, or add PDF comments.


PDF files hold critical information about various aspects of your business. When used among team members, these documents might require the creator to add comments before sharing the file. Using this guide, you can easily learn how to add comments in PDF to refine the text for better understanding.

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