It's common to find blank pages when organizing a large PDF document. It could be deliberate or accidentally added. If you don't want the blank pages, you'll have to remove them. How do you remove the blank pages without any challenge?

Well, there are numerous tools at your disposal to remove blank pages from PDF. If you have the right tool, you can remove the blank pages without any problem. Here is a guide on how to delete a blank page in a PDF document.

How to delete a blank page in PDF

Using WinZip PDF Pro

Adobe Acrobat is the program that introduced PDF files. But WinZip PDF Pro is the best option for editing PDF files and it is included with WinZip Pro. WinZip PDF Pro makes it easy to remove a blank page from a PDF, here is how:

Choose file

Open the PDF document you want to modify.

Select "View" tool

Look for the toolbar panel on the right-hand side of your screen. You can also find the toolbar panel on a separate toolbar at the bottom of the page. Select "Read" from the right pane.

Choose the page(s) to delete

Click the thumbnail of the page or pages you want to delete. Click "Delete" to remove the page or pages from your PDF file. To delete an individual page, click on the trash can at the bottom of the thumbnail. You can also delete several pages at once. Select the pages you want to delete and click on "Delete" to remove the pages.

Apply the changes

Once you are done deleting the pages, you have to apply the changes.  After you click on the "Delete" icon, click "OK" to apply the changes.

Save file

Choose a folder for your exported file. You can also click on "Choose a Different Folder" and go to the appropriate folder. Give your file a name and click on "Save".

On Mac Using PDFelement

PDFelement is one of the tools you can use to delete the blank pages in your PDF file. The program has numerous features and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. PDFelement allows you to annotate, print, unlock texts, convert PDF to other file formats, edit PDF and protect your PDF file. Here is how to remove a blank page in PDF using PDFelement.

Open the PDF file

At the bottom left of the primary window, click on the "Open files" button. Choose the file you want to delete a blank page. Click on "Open" to upload the PDFelement interface.

Delete blank page

Go to the toolbar and click the "Page" tab. Choose the page to delete and then select the "Delete" button. On the "Delete page" dialog box that appears, click on "Delete" to apply your options.

Save PDF

Once you have deleted the blank pages in your PDF file, you can go ahead and click on the "Save" button. You can also go to the "File" menu and choose the "Save As" or the "Save" option to save the changes.

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

WinZip has got you covered with everything you want to with your PDF file. The WinZip PDF Pro has organizing capabilities. With the tool, you can organize your PDF in thumbnail view, delete the selected PDF pages, rotate the selected pages clockwise or counterclockwise, and pull pages to create a new PDF file. Therefore, it will come in handy to delete the blank page in PDF.


Deleting pages on a PDF document is simple. The above is how to remove blank pages in PDF files. You can choose any tool depending on your needs. WinZip PDF Pro makes it a lot easier to remove the pages with a few clicks.

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