When you create a PDF, there is a good chance you don't want anyone messing with it or making any changes. However, there is a way to stop this from happening. You can lock your PDF, which prevents others from making any changes. This can be extremely important in the business world when you don't want random people making changes to your document. It will also stop people who shouldn't see the document from seeing it.

What does it mean to lock out others from editing?

If you lock out others from editing your PDF, it means they are limited in what they can do to your PDF. It gives them very little access to the PDF. Basically, all they will be able to do is view the PDF. They may be able to print it out, depending on what your settings are.

How to lock a PDF from being edited using PDF Pro

Depending on the software you are using, there are different steps to locking your PDF. However, here is a general overview of what you will need to do to lock your PDF by adding a password.

  1. Open the PDF you want to protect in WZ PDF Pro
  2. Make any edits you may need to in the PDF
  3. In the right-side panel select Protect
  4. Choose a strong password and then confirm the password
  5. Select apply
  6. Now anyone that wants to view the file will need the password before being able to open the PDF

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

If you are looking for a great program to use for all your PDF needs, WinZip PDF Pro is the way to go. This multi-faceted program has a ton of helpful PDF capabilities. You can create and edit PDF’s. You can also add or extract content from them, as well as just view in the read mode.


PDFs are a common part of media nowadays, and it is important you know how to protect your PDFs. You don't want random people getting access to them and changing them in ways you don't like. In some cases, you don't even want certain people to have access to the PDF at all.

The good news is, there is an easy way to stop people from using your PDFs in ways you don't like. All you have to do is lock your PDF. You can lock it using a password, which means only people who know the password can access the PDF. You can also give a permission lock, which means people who access it can only do specific actions you allow.

WinZip has an excellent PDF program that can do anything with a PDF you could possibly imagine. It can do everything from rotating the PDF to deleting specific PDF pages.  Check it out for all your PDF needs.

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