A watermark is an image or text placed in front of or behind a PDF file to ascertain the confidentiality of the information. PDF files may have a stamp that resembles a comment, and users viewing the PDF can open to present a text annotation, change, move or delete. But watermarks are different from stamps in that they integrate into a PDF as a fixed element.

You add watermarks to pages with sensitive details to single or multiple PDF files. However, you must apply each watermark separately. You can even specify the page or pages where each watermark will appear. Watermarks are crucial to prevent modifications in the PDF content, hide and protect information from others, and assure confidentiality with the information in the file.

But how do you add them to your existing PDF documents? This article is the ultimate guide on how to add a watermark to a PDF file.

How to add a watermark to a PDF

Using Microsoft Word

You can use Microsoft Word to add a watermark or store a document safely before copying it into a page that contains the watermark.

  1. Find the page 'design' option in the upper Menu bar and click on it. A panel with several subpanels emerges.
  2. Find the watermark option under the 'page background' panel
  3. Choose the watermark option by selecting it. A box with various patterns will appear below under the page background panel when you click a watermark option.
  4. You can customize your watermark if the default options available are not appealing to you by selecting customize watermark option present below the patterns.
  5. Once you click the customize watermark option, a box with a printed watermark appears with writings on the upper side.
  6. You will see three options of adding watermark to your files on the box.
    • The first option is 'no watermark', which you can use as an undo option to eliminate the watermark from the file in case there is one in the first place.
    • The second option is an 'image watermark,' implemented to add logos or images as a watermark on a document. You can choose any image saved in your directory by selecting the image option in it.
    • Text watermark is the third option that you use for adding certain texts into your file. You can customize the font, language, color, and size as per your preference from the options panels available below the 'text watermark.'
  7. After choosing your preferred watermark, choose to 'apply' and click on it. The watermark appears immediately as a transparent pattern on the page.
  8. Copy your document from its location and paste it on the watermarked page.
  9. Save the document using "Ctrl+S" and choose to save it as "PDF" when saving it.

Microsoft Word can indeed help to add a watermark to a PDF file. Unfortunately, it may destroy the data structure making it difficult to view the content clearly in the PDF reader. That is why you need a professional watermark creator tool such as WinZip PDF Express. It allows you to add any type of image or text watermark to your documents. Additionally, WinZip PDF Express has more capabilities beyond just adding a watermark.

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

For a long time, WinZip has been at the forefront in providing critical tools for file management. If you desire to add a watermark to your PDF file conveniently, WinZip PDF Express is a perfect option. It has multiple capabilities, thus allowing you to have a seamless experience handling your PDF files. Other than adding a watermark to your PDF documents, you can use it to create files, view and edit them. While most operating systems have the inbuilt option of printing one image into a PDF, WinZip PDF Express allows you to print multiple into a single PDF.


WinZip PDF Express allows you to package several documents and images into a single PDF, scan in paper images if the need arises, and reorder, rotate or delete individual pages. It is the best app for all your PDF needs. Visit WinZip to download.

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