Many people continue to share files via the internet, but the problem of file size still remains critical. While internet connectivity has become cheaper over the years, uploading and downloading large files still presents a big challenge. But various technologies have come up to address the challenge, and one common solution is to learn how to use and extract 7z files.

What is a 7z file?

One of the relatively new file compression technologies with the .7z file extension belonging to the 7-Zip software family is the 7z file. It provides a high level of compression, giving users the ability to compress up to 16 billion GB of files.

Unlike other premium file compression applications, the 7z archiver is available for free, meaning you won't have to purchase any software to use it. Although it's freeware, it doesn't compromise performance. It provides a high level of compression and decompression, so you can upload and download large files compressed into just a few kilobytes or megabytes with ease.

The software is available on all major platforms, including Windows 10 and MacOS X. Users on any of these plans can learn how to extract files from 7z, and enjoy sharing compressed files over the internet. It isn't such a big deal learning how to extract a 7z since all you need is the 7-zip software on your device and basic computer skills.

How to extract 7z files

Most operating systems have an inbuilt way of extracting and reading ZIP files, as well several other compression formats, but have no capacity to open 7z files. This means extracting 7z files requires 7-zip software or other third-party decompression tools.

Here is how to extract 7z files:

On Windows

The best and easiest way to extract 7z files on Windows 10 is to use the free and open-source 7-Zip tool. It happens to be the favorite compression tool for most Windows users, as it comes in handy for opening other compressed file formats such as RAR, ISO, and ZIP.

To extract 7z files on Windows device:

  • Locate the 7z file on your system. If you downloaded it from the internet as an email attachment, you may have to check the Downloads folder.
  • Right-click on the 7z file, and select Open With from the drop-down menu
  • Choose 7-Zip from the list of options which shows up when you click on Open With
  • The files will begin to extract in the same location as the 7z file.
  • Alternatively, you can just double-click on the 7z file, and the decompression tool will begin to unpack the compressed file.
  • You can also launch the 7-ZIP software, choose the file to extract, and click on Extract.

On MacOS

Like Windows, MacOS doesn't provide an inbuilt tool for unpacking 7z files. You will need to install a third-party decompression tool to extract 7z files. But it isn't difficult to extract 7z Mac if you know what to do.

  • Download a third-party app, such as Unarchiver, from the App Store
  • To access the app, launch Toolkit. You will see the Unarchiver, and proceed to open it.
  • Drag and drop the 7z files to the left section of the app window to initiate the extraction process.
  • Alternatively, you can locate the 7z file, and click the Decompress button.
  • Conclusion

    With the 7-Zip software on your device, you can learn how to extract a 7z file with ease. 7z files are becoming popular as more users look for the best way to compress files to save storage space or send them via email. Using the right decompression tool, you should be able to extract 7z files without any challenge.

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