Create TAR File: The Ultimate Guide on Creating TAR Files

Managing several files can be a pain in the neck, especially computer packages, software, and games files. Often, these files are bulky and occupy a lot of space. If nothing is done, the files can slow down your computer and, in worse scenarios, crash it.

However, the good news is, you can manage all these files hassle-free by compressing them. This is where tar files come in handy. Unlike zip files, tar files are meant explicitly for source code data, making them the best fit for software.

What is a TAR file?

A tar file is a special type of file containing one or several compressed archive files. If you're already familiar with zip files, this should be pretty easy to get because they work in the same way. While a zip file has the extension .zip, a tar file can have .tar or .tar.gz or .tar.bz2.

Handling hundreds or plenty of files can be a hassle. In addition, if something goes wrong, it's possible to lose some of the files. However, when you compress all the files in a single file folder, it helps to clear the clutter while creating more space on your device.

Tar files are mainly used in the software space, especially computer games and application packages. Moreover, it's the perfect file format because it works well with source code data in software programs.

Since the software can be bulky, it makes perfect sense to compress the data for convenience when sharing the data. Therefore, if you've ever downloaded software online, you must have noticed the .tar file format.

But if you're yet to, you don't have to stress over it. This guide is specifically put together to show you how to create a tar file on Mac or Windows. So, probably you're a newbie software developer and wondering how to tar a file for your audience.

How to create a TAR file

There are several ways to create a tar file. However, the best way is to use third-party compression software like WinZip and Quick Zip. Nonetheless, we highly recommend WinZip because it's more than a tar compression file.

So, you can also use it as files management software. That being said, below is how to tar a file in Windows or Mac using WinZip.

  • Download and install the third-party files compression software.
  • Go to the start menu or use the shortcut icon on the desktop to access the compression software.
  • Hover to the file pane and click it. Then select the files you want to archive.
  • Click add to zip to compress all the selected files.
  • Lastly, pick your preferred storage location to save the tar file.

As simple as that, you have created your tar file in under 3 minutes. This only happens in WinZip, and it's the reason we recommend it. The best part is, the steps work the same way in both Windows and Mac.


Managing tar files can be daunting when you don't know how to go about the process. As a result, you have to deal with several small files occupying a vast amount of space on your computer. To worsen the situation, sharing such files can be a hassle.

Nevertheless, if you rely on a files management software like WinZip, managing tar files shouldn't be a big deal. Furthermore, our software works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that we got your back.

To get started with WinZip files management software, download free trial and enjoy.

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