How to Share a PDF on Facebook: The Ultimate Guide

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Social media can be a wonderful thing. One of the reasons people love it is because it allows them to keep up with what is going on in the lives of their friends and family. Facebook is a commonly used social media app that can be easily accessed on any type of device. You can use Facebook to post statuses about what is going on in your life or upload photos and videos you took. You can also interact with what other people have posted.

Why you may want to share your PDF over Facebook

There are many reasons why you may wish to share a PDF on Facebook. For example, you can upload photos you have taken or photos you found on the internet that you want to share with your Facebook friends and family.

Let's say you love Calvin and Hobbes comics. You are on your computer looking at different Calvin and Hobbes comics, and you find one that nearly makes you spit out of your coffee laughing. You want to share it with the world, so you decide to share it on Facebook so everyone else can laugh.

Or, your daughter just had her third birthday party, and not everyone who wanted to come was able to attend. You take a bunch of pictures throughout the event and want to share them with the people who couldn't make it. Rather than creating a huge text group and worrying about forgetting someone, you can just post all the photos to Facebook. You could also take advantage of text-based PDFs by creating a Facebook event for the party and posting a PDF will all the information for the party (date, time, address, etc.).

Posting PDFs can also be highly beneficial for businesses. Businesses can take advantage of image-based PDFs and text-based PDFs. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can make great use of the photo feature on Facebook. You could post a PDF of your menu (text-based) so everyone knows what you offer. You could also post photos of different food items (image-based) from your menu to get people excited.

How to share a PDF on Facebook

Sharing a PDF on Facebook is extremely easy. It is a similar process whether you are accessing it from the web or from the mobile application. Follow these guidelines for how to insert an image onto your Facebook page.

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click into the status bar as if you are going to write a status.
  3. You will see several options pop up under the status bar. For example, Photo/Video, Check In, Gif, and Tag People.
  4. Select the Photo/Video option.
  5. If you are on mobile, it will bring up your photos, and you can select as many pictures as you want. Once you have chosen your photos, they will pop up in the status bar. You can also write something about the image in the status bar.
  6. If you are on a computer, a window will pop up asking you to add Photos/Videos. Click on it, and it will open another window with all the pictures on your device. Note: if you want to share an image you found on the internet, you will first have to save the picture to your device.
  7. Once you have selected your photos, they will pop up in the status bar. You can also write something about the photo in the status bar.
  8. Finally, whether on mobile or a computer, hit post, and your photos will show up on your Facebook page.


Facebook is a great place to share photos with your friends and family. All it requires is heading to the Facebook status bar, selecting the photos you want to share, and hitting post.

If you want to edit your photos before posting them to Facebook, check out WinZip PDF Express for all your photo editing needs.

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