How to Share a PDF as a Link: The Ultimate Guide

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With the increased use of PDF files, it would be better to find better ways to share your documents. PDF files are still the easiest to print, download, and open in existing programs. People who work with Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides do not need to convert them to PDF anymore. They only need to create a PDF link for any documents, then share it with their recipients. The links constantly update to the latest version of the documents to make editing seamless. Here, we take a look at how you can share your PDF as a link.

How to share a PDF as a link

To share the PDF link, you need to create a link using a link-generating system. The links enable you to publish your files to external sources and retain exclusive control over the files you send out.

Luckily, WinZip PDF Express has the easiest and fastest way to create PDF links to share online. The basic process to make your PDF into a link is:

  1. Upload your PDF to a system or server that can generate a link. In this case, use the fast and reliable WinZip PDF Express.
  2. Use WinZip to create your link that automatically updates as you edit your file online.

When you send your file, you can lock it using a password lock or sign up using a digital certificate. You can share your file directly from WinZip, PDF Express, or any other WinZip apps with the Share Express dialog. Copy the link and paste it on any platform you want to share easily with your recipients.

The powerful features of the WinZip PDF Express include:

  • Export PDF to Word or image file
  • Create PDF from any document
  • Delete file pages
  • Rearrange pages
  • Combine multiple documents into a single file
  • Watermark your PDF file
  • Secure your file with a password
  • Share your file with a link

WinZip PDF Express comes as a package in the WinZip Suite, where you can get numerous other tools to customize your business operations.

How to protect your PDF file

Sharing your PDF links without proper security can lead to cybersecurity issues.  It would help if you double-checked who your recipients are, and most sensitive information should have protection intrusion.

Luckily, with WinZip, you can avoid all security threats with its app features. You can compress the PDF file, encrypt it, and time it to automatically delete after a set period. Only the files in the cloud will be deleted and not email attachments.

Here are some of the security options you have when sharing a PDF link.

Password security

It is the most straightforward security fix you can use when sharing your PDF link with a group of people or a specific person. It is also helpful when you want to secure your documents for particular users or readers only. Create your password for WinZip and add it to the PDF.

After creating the password, ensure you only send it to the people you want to view and modify the PDF.

Secure permissions

You can also prevent the PDF from further modifications. It lets you have control over what you want to include in the PDF. If there are any concerns, then you are the one to provide permission for more modifications. All you need to do is select the changes to appear on the document to ensure you keep your PDF contents relevant.


WinZip PDF Express offers you the chance to make more out of your PDF and sharing opportunities. Ensure you keep your documents safe with these amazing features. Start your experience with WinZip PDF Express by using the 21-day free trial.

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