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You need to unzip or extract compressed files before working with them. As helpful as zipping files is, it can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when you only need a few small files from a large ZIP archive. This means you'll have to obtain the ZIP file entirely first, then only unzip the files you want on your computer. A more straightforward way around this is to preview the ZIP file and then selectively download the files you want from the archive.

There are desktop programs that make extracting data from a ZIP or RAR quite simple. But even so, you may find yourself on a device that does not allow software installations, such as public library computers. Luckily, you can still extract files using online tools that do not require downloading.

What is a zip file?

A ZIP file is a file system that comprises condensed files and directories for preserving, storing, and/or transmitting. When it is copied or communicated from one electronic storage area to another, it is treated as a single file.

This is very useful when storage is limited or people are downloading things. Because a zipped file can contain many files, a single file can be downloaded and then unzipped to download multiple files at once.

Most operating systems include programs and software that will allow you to generate and open ZIP files. However, there are third-party software available, such as WinZip, which can perform the same thing. Additionally, if you want to use it fast, you do not have to install this software. If the extracting program has an issue, you may substitute it with specific online file compression and decompression solutions. Because zip files save storage space, they are perfect for archiving. They can also be used to secure data using encryption.

The WinZip program will allow you to archive zip files to manage storage space on your computer. WinZip provides its leading software platform, WinZip, for both Windows and Mac.

How to open a zip file online

Select ZIP that you want to extract on the extract ZIP file online tool

Choose the tab "Open ZIP" (found at the top), click the button "Choose File" and choose the file to extract. After selecting ZIP, you'll see the file name, file size, and save button. Drag and drop the zip file onto the unzip files panel.

Click on the "Save" button and save the file on your device

By clicking on the "Reserve All" control, you can easily keep all files at once.

Click on "Clear All" and extract more on the extract ZIP file online tool

Finally, select the extract button and wait a few seconds for a list of files to display. There you go! Within a few seconds, you will see a list of files contained in the zip file you selected, and you should be able to extract them directly to your computer. Locate the extracted files from the zip file you want to download to your PC at this stage and double-click their names to begin the download.


You can always use online services to replace the traditional tools for compressing and opening ZIP archives. They enable comprehensive manipulation of compressed data directly from the browser. However, you should be aware that their performance is not always outstanding, and in certain circumstances, you may be required to wait for the download and upload of data via distant servers. Furthermore, they may have file size limitations and are not necessarily compatible with password-protected zip files.

Extracting zipped files shouldn't be difficult, and if you're looking for a dependable and user-friendly file management solution, WinZip is worth a go. Download WinZip today and enjoy a free trial period.

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