WinZip's world-leading compression and encryption solutions are available wherever you need them, including on Windows and Mac platforms, in your email, online and on mobile devices. To help you keep your computer running at peak performance, WinZip also offers a line of system utilities for PC and Mac.

The world's most trusted compression software lets you zip, protect, manage and share, anywhere. Connect directly to leading cloud services, social media sites and instant messaging to securely share your files.
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WinZip Mac Edition
The power of WinZip® on your Mac! Compressing, protecting, and sharing your files is a snap thanks to WinZip Mac Edition's easy-to-use toolset. Connect directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
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Additional Products

WinZip Enterprise
Along with the proven compression, encryption, sharing and backup in WinZip 24 Pro, this special version includes support for SharePoint and Amazon S3.
WinZip Courier
Integrates with your email system, automatically zipping and optionally encrypting/converting your outgoing file attachments.
WinZip Self-Extractor
Creates self-extracting Zip files–ideal for electronic file distribution.
WinZip Command Line Support Add-on
This free add-on lets you control WinZip's actions and automate repetitive tasks. Free to WinZip users with a valid license.

Mobile Products

WinZip for iOS

Open, browse and share Zip files on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
WinZip for Android

View, open and save Zip files on your Android device.
WinZip for Windows 10

View, open and save Zip files on your Windows 10 device.