Manage, secure, zip, protect, and share files in one easy-to-use platform

WinZip® is a versatile file management application that goes beyond compression. With WinZip, you gain a comprehensive suite of tools to seamlessly manage, secure, zip, protect, and share your files.

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Access, store, and protect your files anywhere, anytime

There's a reason why WinZip is one of the world's best compression tools—if not the best. WinZip has become the go-to file software with many options and features available to virtually all file formats.

Get started with ease

WinZip is a straightforward and intuitive program. You can get started in no time!

Work smarter, not harder

Its integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive enables effortless file synchronization and sharing, eliminating the need for manual uploads and downloads. WinZip and its diverse program integration empower you to work smarter by streamlining your tasks and boosting productivity.

Email clients, like Outlook and Gmail, are also integrated into WinZip, allowing seamless compression and attachment of large files—simplifying file sharing. And when you install WinZip, it gets baked into File Explorer (Windows) and Finder (macOS), saving you time and effort whenever you need to compress or extract a file.

These integrations collectively create a cohesive and efficient workflow, enabling you to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Rest easy knowing your files are secure

With WinZip's encryption capabilities, you can safeguard your compressed archives with strong passwords and encryption algorithms, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

WinZip integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services, allowing you to store and share your files securely.

Create automated backups of your essential files, ensuring your data is safe from accidental loss or system failures.

With WinZip, you can confidently entrust your files to a reliable and secure solution, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Skip the hidden fees with this affordable, all-in-one file-sharing platform

By choosing WinZip, users can access a comprehensive suite of exceptional features without straining their budget, making it an excellent option for those seeking cost-effective yet robust file compression and encryption solutions.

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Worried a "free trial" may come at hidden costs? Fear not. You do not need a credit card to download WinZip for free. We are confident in the capabilities of and the demand for our software. Whether you're a solo worker or a whole enterprise, WinZip is ready to meet all your file needs.

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