How to Organize Photos on Mac: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you tired of always hunting around for family snaps when you have everyone over? Are you a beginner, amateur, or professional photographer, and you're fed up looking for images across your computer, smartphone, tablet, or the cloud? If this is you, then seriously consider getting photo organizing software.

These neat tools will save you so much time and headache when it comes to organizing your gallery. The best software will help you sort out your images based on criteria like location, date, EXIF data, and category. Complex apps will make the process faster and easier, thanks to the innate AI being used.

What is photo organizing software?

Photo organizing software or a photo organizer app is a program designed to help manage numerous images, thereby making the photographer's or editor's work organized and easier. Any image organizer should have the basic capability of editing photo tags. These are tags assigned to photo albums as a visual link to help view similar image albums easily.

Tags can be color-coded and customized using labels, flags, keywords, and categories. Identically tagged images can be compiled into an album and albums into collections. A good digital photo organizer also gives you the ability to view previews in thumbnail form.

How to choose the best software

When looking for the best photo organizing software, you should be prepared to cough up some money. Most software will require a subscription fee of around $25 for basic packages and anywhere from $60 to $130 for more sophisticated ones. However, there are tools like WinZip which allow for the purchase of the Standard or Pro version of its photo organizing software.

Before you go ahead and spend your hard-earned cash, here are a few considerations to have in mind in your quest to acquire the best photo organizer:


Any photo organizer app worth its salt needs to be easy to use while providing varying organizing methods to pick from. The best photo organizing software come with search bars to enable manual detection of a photo by its keyword or filename tags.

The best programs also come with online backup managers. These enable you to keep the original image safe even if something happens to your computer. Any editor or photographer has been faced with issues of duplicate images clogging up the organizer, making it appear messy. If keeping a clean photo collection is important to you, invest in a program that helps you detect and delete these images.

File types

The organizing tool you use should be compatible with the image files you work with the most. A few of the most common image types include JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. If it can handle advanced image types like PSD and RAW, the better, as these let you take more control and give you more options when it comes to editing images at an advanced level.

Editing tools

Photos, especially if you're looking to post them on your socials for personal or business gains, ought to pop. It's not about just capturing an image but sharing a vibe with your target audience as well. We've all used photo editors at one point or another, but what do you do when you need to edit a lot of photos at the same time?

You'll need to use batch editing tools. These miracles of software development enable one to enhance and edit all the photos simultaneously. For instance, if all the photographs you took resemble a DC movie - dark as volcanic sand on a moonless beach - you can use your photo organizing software's editing toolset to brighten them up.

If you plan to make advanced edits using your photo organizing software, ensure it works in layers. It should also save the edited versions as you continue with your edits, forever protecting the master images.


It may not seem like it, but making slideshows is a huge reason for getting photo organizing software. Most software will only offer you the basics here – think, simple cycling through, maybe some animated transitions, effects, and music. However, if you need something more elaborate, look for more conducive to your slideshow-making needs.


You can trust WinZip to help you manage your photos efficiently, regardless of whether they're on your computer, across a network, or are backed up using a cloud service. There are a host of other functionalities like sharing, privacy protection, storage, and duplicate deletion, among others just waiting for you to try out.

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