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WinZip multi-user software licenses are deployed in thousands of companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world. From two to 200,000 users, WinZip can help you save time, reduce bandwidth consumption, decrease storage requirements, and secure sensitive information.

Whether you're a small business owner looking for a simple, affordable file compression and data backup solution or a large enterprise IT administrator faced with complex compliance and file management issues, don't worry. WinZip's got you covered!

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About Multi-User Implementations

Save with WinZip 25!

WinZip Pro

As the world's #1 zip utility, WinZip 25 delivers valuable savings with the following key benefits:

  • Save time with WinZip's high-performance zip engine that delivers twice the zipping/unzipping speed
  • Save effort by organizing files into compact packages that are ideal for sending and storing
  • Save on storage space by organizing and compressing large volumes of data into significantly smaller packages
  • Save on bandwidth by sharing smaller, compressed files
  • Save time uploading/downloading smaller files
  • Save on complex security compliance solutions with WinZip's built-in encryption option and customizable password policies
  • Save on archiving solutions with WinZip Pro's built-in backup tools and automated archiving jobs

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Save with WinZip Courier 11

WinZip CourierWinZip Courier integrates seamlessly with your email/webmail application to automatically zip and optionally encrypt outgoing file attachments as you work. This delivers significant savings with the following key benefits:

  • Save time and effort with faster email transmissions and fewer bounced emails
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption and storage requirements
  • Save on complex security compliance solutions with Courier's strong AES encryption and customizable password policies
  • Enjoy an affordable solution that is easy to implement and requires no training

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