What's New in WinZip 15?

WinZip 15 introduces a brand new, high-performance zip engine, a streamlined user interface with an innovative desktop gadget that makes WinZip even easier to use, major file sharing enhancements, and much more. With this unparalleled functionality and usability, no wonder WinZip is far and away the world's #1 utility for file compression, encryption, sharing, and data backup.

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Increased Zipping Performance

Building on WinZip’s state-of-the art technology, WinZip 15 introduces an entirely new and powerful zip engine. Enabled by WinZip 15's performance architecture and taking advantage of multi-core processors and multi-threaded support, this zip engine creates Zipx files 30% to 50% faster than the previous version while still achieving the same impressive compression results. The new zip engine also compresses certain standard Zip files up to 25% faster!1

NEW!Performance architecture provides a plug-in framework for major enhancements in file compression and encryption.

NEW!Brand new zip engine provides significantly faster zipping rates while retaining the same high quality compression.

Ribbon Interface

Usability Breakthrough

In addition to evolutions in user interface design, WinZip 15 introduces a revolution in file compression and file sharing with its groundbreaking desktop gadget. This innovative tool is your express portal for key zipping tasks. Now you can zip, unzip, and email files without opening the WinZip application—simply drag files onto the appropriate WinZip Desktop Gadget tab for instant compression, decompression and email capabilities.

NEW!Refined menu designs and more intuitive icons improve upon the WinZip interface, making it easier to use and delivering an even better user experience.2

Ribbon Interface


NEW!WinZip 15 Zip/Unzip Desktop GadgetWinZip Desktop Gadget Zip/Unzip tab provides instant file compression/decompression. Simply drag a file or group of files onto the gadget to instantly create a compressed version on your desktop (or in the source folder). Likewise, just drag a compressed file onto the gadget to instantly unzip its contents onto your desktop or into the source folder.2


NEW!WinZip 15 Zip & Email Desktop GadgetWinZip Desktop Gadget Zip & Email tab provides an express portal to WinZip 15's unique Zip & Email Plus capabilities. Just drag a file or group of files onto the gadget to instantly zip and email them using the options and email account you designate.2


Enhanced File Sharing

With a few easy clicks, WinZip 15 lets you zip and encrypt a set of files as an email attachment, compose an accompanying message, and send the email instantly—all directly from the WinZip window, without opening your email application! The result? You save time and unnecessary steps while ensuring that the files you share are smaller, safer, and more manageable.

NEW!Zip and Email feature lets you create a Zip file and attach it to an email message in one simple process. Once you choose the files to zip and select your zipping options, WinZip opens a message window and attaches your new zip file to it. Simply type a note, address your message, and click Send.

WinZip 15 Zip & Email menu option

NEW!Image resizer built into the Zip & Email Plus feature. With just a click, WinZip will resize your high-resolution pictures before attaching them to your email message, so that they send even faster and are optimized to fit standard computer screens.

WinZip 15 Zip & Email image resizer

NEW!Built-in webmail support now included in all WinZip email functionality to provide maximum utility and flexibility. In addition to support for Microsoft Outlook, WinZip 15 comes preset to work with the following popular webmail services: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail by Google, and Microsoft Live Hotmail. Now you can zip, encrypt, and email files from your webmail address, all without having to open a web browser or sign in to your webmail account.

WinZip 15 webmail support

NEW!Additional support for other webmail services, enterprise mail systems, and individual ISP addresses. Using a different email service? No problem! WinZip 15 provides configuration options that give you the flexibility to email zipped files directly from the WinZip window using virtually any email address, all without opening any additional applications.

WinZip 15 alternative email system configuration

NEW! Enhanced email support in WinZip Pro's Backup3 function now allows backup files and log files to be sent automatically upon backup job completion from virtually any email or webmail address you indicate.

WinZip 15 Pro backup-to-email support

Visit the WinZip 15 Product Overview page to learn more, and check out a comprehensive list of WinZip's key capabilities on the Product Feature Comparison page.

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1Zipping speed depends on the types, sizes, and content of files being zipped as well as processor type, processor speed, number of processor cores, and number of processors being used. As such, your results may vary.
2For Windows 7 and Windows Vista users.
3Backup capability available only with WinZip Pro.