WinZip Courier 9.5 Upgrade Information

Registered users of WinZip Courier 8.0, and earlier, are eligible to upgrade at 50% of the WinZip Courier 9.5 regular full-version list prices. The single-user upgrade to WinZip Courier 9.5 costs only $24.95. We have sent all registered users with a valid e-mail address a message with information on how to claim this special upgrade offer.

If you did not receive this special upgrade offer, please provide us with the information requested below so we can locate your record in our database and e-mail your upgrade instructions to you.

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If you are a registered user of WinZip Courier 3.5, and earlier, and install WinZip Courier 9.5, you will no longer have a registered version. Should you decide to return to your earlier version of WinZip Courier, please contact for installation and re-registration instructions.