NEW! WinZip® Enterprise

Empowered collaboration. Complete information security.

  • Unsurpassed banking-level encryption compliant with all major standards, including FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197 and trusted for DFARS
  • Securely share and control information across major business platforms, including SharePoint, Amazon S3, Office 365 for Business, Dropbox, Slack and cloud services
  • Best-in-class compression creates manageable files that are easy to store, send, receive and open

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Apply enterprise-wide security standards and give your team unparallelled productivity tools with WinZip Enterprise

WinZip Enterprise includes new tools for business and government users to enable increased security and protection for sensitive data, as well as improve team collaboration and personal productivity.

EXCLUSIVE new features for WinZip Enterprise

Streamlined Views and Intuitive Workflows

NEW! Expand Preview Pane to provide more space for previewing file content, zooming, and viewing images

NEW! Specify the Job Name Last and focus first on the task of choosing what you want to back-up and how you want it backed up. Once you complete the desired actions, WinZip then asks for the job name.

NEW! Create new jobs from existing jobs with the new clone feature that allows you to modify an existing job.

Seamless Security and File Management

NEW! Perform File Conversions before Zipping to gain more space and security through the enhanced Job Wizard.

NEW! Set Expiration Dates for Zip files and Log files to reduce clutter across shared files and backups. Now Zip files and Log files created with the Job Wizard can be scheduled for deletion and removed on the designated date automatically.

Enhanced Cloud Support and Service Options

NEW! Support for Amazon S3/AWAS regions for use with GovCloud.

NEW! Extended Cloud Service Options, including SwiftStack, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, and OpenStack, can be added and used within WinZip.

PLUS all of the exciting new features in WinZip Standard edition!

WinZip Enterprise includes WinZip Pro Enterprise edition, WinZip Courier, WinZip Express, Command Line Interface, PLUS one year FREE maintenance!

Learn why WinZip Enterprise is the #1 compression & encryption software preferred by businesses and governments around the world.

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