WinZip Mac 7

New WinZip for Mac offers simple zipping and unzipping right from its new Files pane! Enjoy one-click access, multiple viewing layouts, drag-and-drop functionality, support for 12+ compression formats and easy file management!

  • Zip and unzip files instantly with WinZip’s trusted compression
  • Protect files with strong AES encryption
  • Share directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare, from within WinZip
  • Successfully email large files and minimize storage needs


Get Attractive Multi-User Pricing

WinZip Mac 7 multi-user licensing:

For 2-999 users

Purchase a WinZip license for a little as $6.00 per Mac via our secure online shop!

For 1000+ users

Contact us directly. We'll be happy to help you find the best solution.

System Requirements

WinZip Mac 7 requires:

  • Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
  • Intel 64-bit processor
  • Supports Apple Retina Displays

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  WinZip Mac Standard WinZip Mac Pro
One-click Unzip - The zip file gets automatically unzipped to the folder where the zip file is located    
Protect encrypted files by requiring a password to modify the zip file    
Replace Zip files with Zip content: Unzip and then delete a file    
Mac Touch bar is now supported. WinZip feature icons will now appear on the Macbook touch bar when appropriate to simplify access to WinZip features    
Update WinZip Mac to support the latest changes to Dropbox    
Recently used Zip files stored in the cloud are not included in the Most Recently Used Zip file list    
New Zip files named are now only placed in the most recently used Zip files list after the Zip file is saved    
Tool Tip text is now available for the WinZip toolbar buttons    
When checking for updates to WinZip Mac, the MAC operating system version is now included to ensure the offered update works with the users currently installed OS    
Improved the display of Zip file when using Quick Look    
Using a single click on the arrow next to the folder name now displays the path for the expanded folder    
A new progress meter displays when renaming a file that is contained in a large Zip file    
WinZip will prompt to save changes to modified cloud-based Zip files    
Added retina compatible support for the Preferences tab    
OneDrive cloud service is now supported    
A Zip file diagnostics feature is now available per requests from users that wanted a feature in the Mac version like the Windows version provides    
Install from Zip pane. An install option is now offered on the context menu when an ".app", ".pkg" or ".dmg" file contained in a zip file is selected    
From the WinZip Mac file pane, clicking on a file stored in the cloud, now offers an option to get a link to the file from the cloud service and share/save the file link via email, social media, instant messages, notes, reminders, and more    
Images can now be watermarked for added security    
Convert images from one format to another. Makes it convenient to share images with others by converting the image to a format the recipient can view    
Zip filters: Control what types of files get added when adding files and folders to a zip file    
  WinZip Mac Standard WinZip Mac Pro
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