Product Lifecycle Policy

To prioritize the development and support of newer versions, WinZip regularly phases out older versions of its software. As a result, technical support for retired versions is discontinued. However, self-service support through the knowledge base is still available. Visit our support page for more information.

We appreciate your patronage and encourage you to transition to the latest version of WinZip software.

Product General availability Support ended
WinZip Mac 11 7-Nov-2023
WinZip 28 12-Sep-2023
WinZip SafeMedia 7.0 7-Dec-2022
WinZip 27 29-Aug-2022
WinZip Mac 10 19-Jul-2022
WinZip Courier 12 25-May-2022
WinZip 76 (subscription version) 22-Mar-2022
WinZip 26 30-Aug-2021
WinZip Mac 9 15-Jun-2021
WinZip Courier 11 7-Apr-2021
WinZip 25 1-Sep-2020 12-Sep-2023
WinZip Mac 8 9-Jun-2020 7-Nov-2023
WinZip Courier 10 31-Mar-2020
WinZip Command Line 6 10-Sep-2019
WinZip 24 10-Sep-2019 29-Aug-2022
WinZip Courier 9.5 15-Jul-2019 25-May-2022
WinZip Mac 7 25-Jun-2019 19-Jul-2022
WinZip Courier 9 31-Oct-2018 25-May-2022
WinZip Self-Extractor 4 18-Sep-2016

Older software versions are not displayed on this page. For more detailed information about a specific product version, please contact WinZip support.