E-bookProtecting Sensitive Data in Today's Hybrid, Distributed Workplaces

A guide to the new data security and privacy challenges that healthcare, financial, and government sectors face—and how organizations can overcome them.

In this e-book you’ll discover:

  • Top data security and privacy challenges in remote environments.
  • The impact of remote work on data breaches.
  • Data protection tips for industries like healthcare, government, and finance.

With hybrid, distributed workplaces now more common than ever, it’s essential that companies protect their sensitive data.

While different industries face unique risks, common best practices for protecting data apply across the board, whether you store, access, or share personal information, intellectual property, or other sensitive data.

Discover the benefits of WinZip® Enterprise, an industry-leading data cryptography, management, sharing, and compression solution that helps protect critical data, enforce protocols, and equips teams to work collaboratively—all in a single tool.

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