FREE E-BOOKWinZip SafeMedia: Safe, Effective, Removable Media Data Protection for Law Firms

Discover how to protect and secure your law firm’s sensitive data and prevent data breaches in today’s increasingly distributed, mobile business world.

In this e-book you’ll discover:

  • The significance and impact of data breaches in the legal sector.
  • The impact of remote and hybrid work on data security for law firms.
  • How WinZip® SafeMedia™ encrypts and protects data on portable media.

Law firms collect high volumes of highly sensitive and confidential information, which is highly valuable to potential cyber criminals.

With hybrid and distributed workplaces more common than ever, it’s essential that these organizations safeguard their sensitive data from data breaches and cyberattacks.

Protecting this data is critical for upholding your organization’s reputation, integrity, and success. It requires following best practices for managing company data on portable storage devices—such as USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs—and ensuring your workforce has access to solutions that will keep sensitive information safe.

Discover the benefits of WinZip SafeMedia, a solution that enables users to quickly and safely store, manage, and transport files on removable media, and empowers IT admins to uphold protocols and standards that defend your legal organization against online and offline threats.

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