ON-DEMAND DISCOVERY SESSION  Send and share files securely with WinZip

Ensure your sensitive data is protected when sending and sharing files through internal, external, or cloud-sharing methods using WinZip® Courier and SafeShare.

Gain important insight into the best ways to keep your files safe and help you sidestep any potential breaches. WinZip provides you with many time-saving benefits to help you seamlessly send and share files, both internally and externally.

This 30-minute, on-demand webinar will highlight the best ways to keep all of your files safe and secure in the process. You will quickly learn how to:

  • Avoid common security risks of online or cloud-based file sharing.
  • Leverage the advantages of WinZip’s password-based encryption.
  • Benefit from WinZip Courier to zip and encrypt your email attachments.
  • Apply WinZip SafeShare to encrypt cloud-based sharing.
  • Activate files stored in ZipShare to automatically self-destruct.
Presenter: Howard Eldon Poston, Cybersecurity Consultant and Content Developer
Duration: 30 minutes