On-demand Discovery Session WinZip admin masterclass: How to customize your WinZip Enterprise installation

Gain important insight into the deployment, customization, and policy enforcement for WinZip Admin professionals, including Enterprise-exclusive features. Plus, learn the most common mistakes to avoid.

As an existing WinZip user, you have firsthand knowledge of its many benefits to your business.

In this on demand webinar, we will highlight some additional tools to help you streamline the file process including customization, policy enforcement, and deployment.

Don’t miss this 30-minute on demand webinar where we’ll highlight the most common pitfalls to avoid in an admin role. Tips will include how to:

  • Customize and tailor your WinZip configurations and user experience.
  • Deploy files that have been set with administrator permissions.
  • Enforce the policies and guidelines established by the admin team.
  • Prevent common mistakes admin users make in working with files.

Presenter: Howard Eldon Poston, Cybersecurity Consultant and Content Developer

Duration: 30 minutes