On-demand discovery sessionData loss prevention with WinZip Enterprise

Explore the benefits of WinZip Enterprise in a succinct Discovery Session designed to dig deeper into data loss and how to avoid that from ever happening to your organization.

Data breaches wreak havoc on an organization’s stability. This is why protecting sensitive data is paramount. No matter how big or small a company is, there will always be some amount of valuable data that needs to be kept secure.

WinZip enables enterprise level organizations to protect its critical data, enforce protocols, and equip teams to work collaboratively—all from a single tool.

Don’t miss this 30-minute Discovery Session where we’ll dig deeper into data loss and how to avoid it. You’ll learn about:

  • Data at-rest and in-transit, including file encryption, destruction, deduplication, time-sensitivity, and policy enforcement.
  • The ins and outs of data in the cloud—file and folder encryption, automated encrypted backups, and enforcement.
  • The IT Security benefits of licensing WinZip and the applets that come with the Enterprise product.

Presenter: Howard Eldon Poston, Cybersecurity Consultant and Content Developer

Duration: 30 minutes