Easily share large files with ZipShare

WinZip's powerful file share service, ZipShare, gives you an easy way to send large files, access and manage your cloud accounts, and tap into the power of WinZip on the go.

ZipShare Basic

With our free service, you can zip and send files up to 50 MB, access and manage multiple cloud accounts in one place, and access your shares for up to 5 days.

ZipShare Pro

With a ZipShare Pro account, you get:

Share from anywhere

ZipShare is a web app, so you can access it on virtually any device, tablet or computer without having to download any software. Your files are zipped using WinZip's legendary compression, making them faster to download and saving you bandwidth. Designed to be touch-friendly, ZipShare offers the same user experience from any modern device, including your tablet, phone or home computer.

Works with WinZip and WinZip Courier

Connect directly to ZipShare from WinZip 19.5 and Courier 6 to easily share large files.

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