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Zip and Unzip the Files You Need Easily

Open all major file formats

The World's #1 Compression Utility Software

  1. Check mark Unzip all major file formats
  2. Check mark Zip files to reduce email attachment size
  3. Check mark Protect files with banking-level encryption
  4. Check mark Access and manage files on your PC, network and clouds
  5. Check mark Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more...

WinZip's Fastest Version Ever

WinZip has released its fastest, biggest version ever with WinZip 25. Unlike other file compression tools, WinZip doesn't just zip and unzip files - it offers an all-in-one solution for securing, storing and sharing files. Use WinZip's strong AES encryption to protect confidential files as you zip.

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What's New in WinZip 25?

  • NEW! More efficient file compression with duplicate file detection.
  • NEW! Organize your photos in the cloud
  • NEW! Update contents of a Zip file to match the source
  • NEW! Sign new and existing PDF files
  • NEW! Access and edit files shared with you by others
  • NEW! Automatically save cloud files
  • NEW! Easy access to Background Tools
  • NEW! Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams