How to use WinZip and cloud storage for file sharing

WinZip makes it easy to share files and take full advantage of your cloud storage. With direct integration with your accounts on Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, OneDrive, SugarSync, CloudMe and ZipShare, WinZip can connect directly to your cloud storage to easily send large files. When trying to send a file too large for your email settings, WinZip will upload it to your connected cloud accounts automatically and makes it easy to share the file as a link. You can also choose to use your cloud storage account right from the start.

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Using WinZip and your cloud storage accounts to email large files

Here are the steps WinZip takes when you use Zip and Email to send an oversized file:

  • Right click a file, set of files, folder, or combination and choose WinZip, Zip and Email. WinZip will automatically zip your file and launch your email application with the Zip file attached. Alternatively, you can open WinZip and create a Zip by selecting files, folder, or combination from Add to Zip From My PC or Cloud option. If you want to apply any conversions to your files, make your selections in Covert Files As They Are Added before they are added.

Alternatively, you can open WinZip and create a Zip by selecting files, folder, or combination from the Files pane and adding them to the Zip pane. If you want to apply any conversions to your files such as encryption or watermarking photos, you can make your selections in Action pane as they are added.

  • Once your Zip file is ready to send, select Email under Save or Share Zip in the Actions pane
  • WinZip creates a Zip file, checks its size, and if it’s larger than the threshold (the default is 5 MB), the Zip file is uploaded to one of your connected cloud accounts in a subfolder named with the current date and time. If you have not added a cloud account, it’s easy to create one with the ZipShare file sharing service.
  • WinZip automatically retrieves the link that’s created and will open a new email message in your default email program with the link included. Just add the sender’s address and click send.
Save or Share Zip

Using WinZip to send links to files you’ve already saved in your cloud accounts

When sending large files that are too big to email, even when zipped, WinZip makes it easy to send links to your files instead. Here are three easy ways to try:

  1. If the Zip file you want to send as a link is saved locally or in the cloud, go to the File pane, open the Zip file and use the Save or Share Zip file options. (Please note, this works when the Zip file is larger than the set email threshold. If the file is smaller than the threshold, WinZip will send it as an attachment.)
  2. If the file or files you want to send are not already zipped, go to the File pane, select the files and add them the Zip File pane. If the resulting Zip file is larger than the email threshold, it will be added to your email as a link.
  3. Using the ribbon, click on What to Share and select File(s) from the Cloud. Then click on Email, Social Media or Instant Messaging. You can then select a file or files from the cloud and the link to the selected files will be shared by the method you choose.
Create Ribbon

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