PDF Viewer: What It Is and How to Find One

Since electronic documents emerged, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has become popular among the people. This self-contained and secure format can fully compress large files and ease transmission among different multi-platform systems without distorting the feel and look of the original document.

For this reason, it has become a highly accepted file format in the electronic world. To ensure you have the best experience with your PDF document, you need a PDF viewer app. While the market has many options, you should consider the best PDF viewer that offers more than just reading the content.

This article explains what a PDF viewer is and how to find a good one.

What is a PDF file viewer?

A PDF viewer is an application that helps the user view PDF files or add annotations to them. PDF viewers only allow viewing or opening the existing PDF's content but do not have the options for converting documents to PDF files.

When you have PDF content, you can opt to present it using software such as flipbook. Unfortunately, these won't present the content traditionally or as a normal PDF as a PDF viewer can do. A PDF file viewer displays the files within the user's browser, providing an experience similar to using a traditional PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.

How to find the best PDF viewer

Magnification and reading options are the first aspects any user considers in a PDF viewer window. It should provide an enhanced PDF viewing experience with text magnification without compromise on quality.

Besides, annotations are also crucial in a PDF viewer that enhances the reading experience. Annotations resemble sticky comments that you add to a PDF document as review points or notes. They add some insight into the content as the notes stand out without hiding any text. Therefore, sticky notes won't hamper reading ability.

Another attractive feature you will be looking for is whether the PDF viewer can save documents in PDF format to read or view in the future. It should also allow users to insert page numbers, date, time, footers, headers, logos, graphics, etc. Additionally, adding attachments to the PDF should be convenient and with a few clicks. The best PDF viewer app has such great features and aims to add life to the document.

A PDF viewer should also provide advanced search options to find any particular string attached to the PDF file they are reading. The best PDF viewers are user-friendly and do not have a cluttered interface. Besides, it should have an option to manage attachments, footers, and headers. Some of the features must be business-oriented.

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

If you are looking for a PDF viewer that can provide a seamless PDF file reading experience, WinZip has it in store for you. Millions of consumers and businesses trust WinZip to simplify file sharing, boost productivity and keep information private. The company offers applications for today's most popular devices and platforms, thus allowing users to manage and share files in email, cloud, and instant messaging.

This leading global Zip utility now has WinZip® PDF Express, an app that allows you to read your PDF files and enjoy other additional features. With this PDF viewer app, you can create PDFs from any document and export PDFs to an image or Word file. This app also allows you to add, delete or reorder pages and easily combine several document formats into one PDF. After that, you can watermark, secure and even share the document in a single step to one or multiple locations.


Today, people interact with PDF files in businesses, schools, and other places every day. They are convenient to attach to a website or email and difficult to alter. But you need a great PDF viewer to get the best from your PDF files. WinZip PDF Express is a powerful, multipurpose PDF viewer app that gives you more than any basic PDF reader. Feel free to visit WinZip to download the PDF viewer.

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