How to Use 7-Zip: A Complete Guide to 7-Zip

File compression and management have become essential aspects of the modern technological world. With businesses and individuals sharing, storing, and bucking up thousands of files each day, organization and compression products have become even more coveted. Different tech companies have come up with software products that make the entire process much more efficient.

One of the most esteemed file compression and management technologies is the 7-Zip. This technology has proven to be one of the best for several reasons. They're fast, simple, and easy to use. This article looks at the 7-zip compression and how it helps you manage your files.

What is 7-Zip?

7-Zip is a file archive with the highest compression ratio. It works on the 7z format, which is the successor to the zip format. This format enables it to achieve more than a 1350 percent compression ratio compared to the zip format.

7-Zip consists of an integrated decompressor, archiver, and can work with 7z, zip, rar, gzip, bzip2, and tar formats. If you are looking for a file compression and management product, then 7-Zip is one of the first options you should consider.

Is 7-Zip safe? This question is common among most users looking for secure file managing tools, and the answer to it is yes. The 7-Zip compression tool ensures the safety of your files by enforcing the 7-zip password protect feature. This feature is a highly acclaimed way of protecting your files from unauthorized access and prying eyes.

There are several 7-zip products in the market, such as WinZip. WinZip comes highly recommended since it functions well with both Windows and Mac systems. WinZip even offers 7-Zip for Windows 10.

How to compress files with 7-Zip

7-Zip has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. Some products might even allow you to use the software by simply dragging and dropping files into it. However, most products have several steps you must follow to compress your files. Below are a few steps on how to use 7-zip:

  1. First download a 7-Zip software such as WinZip and install it on your computer
  2. Open up your 7-Zip application to access all your files.
  3. Create a new archive or open an existing one using the right-click menu. Here there are different settings that you can manage as desired.
  4. Select the files or folders you want to compress, ensuring all of them are in one directory. Click Add to archive
  5. Click OK

The 7-Zip compression tool will then begin compressing your files. It might take a few minutes or more, depending on how many files you have added to the archive. You can check the progress of this process under the statistics menu.

Things you must know about compressing files with 7-Zip

When you create an archive in 7-Zip, it will first compress the data and then encrypt it. The encryption process is based on AES 256, which is considered super-secure. This encryption helps protect your files from unauthorized access and opening.

If you have sensitive files to store, then this encryption system is one of the best. Once you start compressing your files, 7-zip will show you several statistics, such as the details of each file. It also allows you to pick files from a list and add them to your compressed archive.


7-zip file compression and management tools such as WinZip are the ideal solutions for any organization or individual looking to compress data. It comes with a simple interface that makes it easy for you to operate. The AES 256 encryption used is one of the best in ensuring the safety of your sensitive information. Get your 7-Zip tool today to enjoy easy and more efficient file compression and management.

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