How to compress a folder on Mac? How do you zip a folder in Mac? Two excellent questions with simple answers. To compress a folder in macOS, you can use the built-in compression tool found within the Finder. For more powerful zipping and unzipping folder capabilities, you can use a program created for just this purpose.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to make a compressed zip folder on Mac.

Why folder compression?

What are the benefits to compress folders and why do we do it? Folder compression is taking a folder with the files inside, package it while squeezing it together. Compression reduces folder data size in the process, saving you more space on your hard drive and allowing for faster file transfers online. Zipping folders also works as a convenient way to both package and store your folders.

Mac Compression Software

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To compress a folder on Mac, you have two options. The first one uses the macOS built-in compression tool, for basic zipping and unzipping of folders. The second option to use dedicated macOS compression software. Both take advantage of the standard folder compression algorithm, called "DEFLATE," which optimizes how computers read the data in your folder. The algorithm is fast and effectively reduces file size, sometimes by half or more.

To compress a folder on Mac, which software should you choose?

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Best Mac Compression Software

The best program to make a zip folder on Mac is WinZip. With over a billion downloads since its launch in 1991, it continues to be the top choice for global Mac users looking for a complete folder compression program.

Not only will you be able to zip and unzip files at extreme speeds. Included is also an ability to protect your data with AES encryption, secure enough for banks.

Do you need to share your zip folder quickly? WinZip includes extensive sharing options within the program, to share directly to your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and ZipShare.

How to zip a folder on Mac

Do you wonder how to create a zip folder on Mac? Included in macOS is a tool that allows you to compress files fast and with only a few clicks. The tool is easy to find and use, requiring no further search than looking in Mac’s Finder.

  1. Find a folder in the Finder.
  2. Right-click or control + left click on your folder to reveal a drop-down menu.
  3. Select "Compress [folder name]."
  4. Done.

Following these steps will create a Zip (.zip) file in the same directory as your folder.

Or a better option is to use WinZip Mac and have more control over how you zip and manage your files and folders. WinZip also allows you to zip folders with bank-level security to keep your data safe.

Compressing folders is very easy to do once you know-how, with many benefits, including reduced file size, faster online transfer, and a convenient way of storing your folders.

Final Words

In many cases, using the built-in compression tool in macOS is enough to zip and unzip folders on a Mac. But in the times when you need powerful extra features, like the ability to make your zip files secure with passwords, a dedicated folder compression program like WinZip is recommended.

Use WinZip as Your Mac Folder Compression Software

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