What is secure file sharing, and why is it important to secure files before sharing? Good question. If you haven’t gotten your private data leaked yet, you can count yourself lucky. Files can leak very quickly, and once they do, it's almost impossible to take back. Let’s discover why it is important to secure files before sharing and how to do it.

Why It Is Important To Secure Files Before Sharing

The internet is an open and vast place. In most cases, your privacy is much less protected than you know. Every web site visit you make carries risk as you get continuously tracked and as you’re a constant target for cyberattacks.

Doing everything you can do to ensure your safety and privacy online is essential. Even if you might argue that you have nothing to hide, the mere breach is a concern for all of us in this new digital age.

Unsecure Files Can Be Risky

Sharing files online is more popular than ever. You do it on social media like Facebook, on messenger apps, forums, and cloud services. But what’s the risk? Only the people I’ve sent the file can see it, right?

Files and links can leak to get accessed by someone you don't want. And your repercussions could get huge – imagine the devastation of finding your private pictures or bank number got scattered across the web. And as content often gets noticed and spread like wildfire, you’d be powerless to stop it.

The reason why it is important to secure files before sharing is simple – securing your files with the right method ensures your privacy. Someone unauthorized can’t open the files, meaning only you and your intended recipient gets access.

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How To Share Files Safely

How do you share files safely on the internet? In file terms, digital safety often refers to file encryption. But what is file encryption?

File encryption is the process of encrypting the data in your files and securing it with a password. Only the person with the correct password can then decrypt and get access to the files.

The same technique is in use online – you encrypt the files and choose a password to decrypt them. You can then share this password with your recipient.

Several online file-sharing sites like Dropbox comes with built-in layers of protection to ensure no other than you or your recipient can access your files.

A Common Feature In Paid Plans

But if someone gets ahold of a download link to one of your uploaded files, you need further protection in the form of encryption and password protection. In the case of Dropbox, password protection is a feature – but only for the paid Professional and Business plans. Free users often don’t have an option to password-protect files.

Secure Files Like This Instead

But there’s a simple way - WinZip has banking-level AES encryption included for guaranteed safety. WinZip is a compression software that packs and makes your files smaller – meaning that they upload and send faster while taking up less space on your hard drive.

Just add your files within WinZip, choose a secure password, and level of security (AES is preferred as it's incredibly safe.)

You can then upload the files and be confident that they are now completely secured.

Final Words

Now you know why it’s important to secure your files online and how to do it effectively. While there are many ways for file encryption – the best approach is often the most simple. Secure your files online today to secure and protect your privacy.

Download WinZip and Share Secured Files Today

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