If you need to save storage space or reduce the amount of bandwidth that high-quality WEBM files consume when streaming, you can use video compress software to compress WEBM files. Through video compress, you can reduce the file size of .webm and other video files. While quality may be reduced for some videos in the process, there are ways to minimize quality loss while reducing file size.

If you want to learn more about how to compress WEBM file size, the following is a guide to help you through the process.

What are .webm files?

WEBM files are video files that are designed specifically for the internet. WEBM refers to the video file's file container structure, along with video and audio formats. Many video file formats aren't intended for use with web-based technology such as HTTP, HTML, and TCP/IP, but WEBM files are optimized for use with these platforms as a high-quality and open video format. The WEBM file format is 100% open and royalty-free, operating under a BSD-style license.

Some of the key benefits of using WEBM files with a .webm extension include:

  • High quality for real-time video streaming
  • Minimal computational footprint for efficient playback on any computer or mobile device.
  • One of the simpler container formats
  • Simple design with minimal codec profiles that make it easy to click and encode.
  • Why compress WEBM files?

    Like other types of video files, high-quality WEBM files can take up a lot of storage space, or they may require more bandwidth when streaming. If you need to reduce file size to free up storage space either on your computer or another storage device, compressing these files can make these files smaller using the right software. If you're uploading your videos to streaming platforms such as YouTube, you can also compress videos to reduce the amount of time it takes to upload your videos. For example, 4K videos can take hours to upload, but with reduced quality, they can considerably less time.

    When streaming in real-time, high-quality videos require a lot of bandwidth which can push a network to its limits. If you want to ease the connection and keep streaming consistently smooth, compress can reduce the amount of bandwidth the file requires. A 1080p video may need up to 3 Mbps when streaming, for instance, but compress can reduce that bandwidth consumption by as much as two-thirds.

    How to compress WEBM files

    The best way to compress WEBM file types is to find the right software. With reliable video compress software, compressing WEBM and other video files can be simple and fast. Video compress software will reduce file sizes by examining the pixels in each frame and joining similar pixels together. For example, if a background in a video consists of the same color, the software would work to combine pixels in that background when it's less noticeable in the compressed file. While quality doesn't need to deteriorate too much to form a compressed file, the complexity of the footage and information contained in the video can result in a noticeable quality change.

    If you want to avoid losing quality when compressing videos, frames with less information or even brighter lighting that reduces detail can help make compress easier with less of a visible difference in quality. Of course, lossless compress is also available, but the file size is typically around the same when using this method.

    How to compress WEBM files in WinZip

    From File Explorer:

    1. From your File Explorer select all of the files you want to compress.
    2. Right-click on the selected files. WinZip > Add/Move to Zip File… This will open WinZip with options about how you want your file zipped.
    3. Select your file options, like name, location, encryption, and any other features you want to include.
    4. Select Add. This will create a zip file in the location you selected containing all your files.

    From within WinZip:

    1. From within WinZip, locate the files you want to zip using the panel on the left.
    2. Select all of the files you want to compress.
    3. Select the Add to Zip button at the bottom of the left panel.
    4. After you add all of the files you want to the Zip file, select the "Save as" button in the right bottom corner. Name your file and select save.

    Note: Certain file types do not compress as much as others. You must have WinZip installed on your computer to use these methods.


    If you want to save storage space, improve upload speed, or reduce the amount of bandwidth used while streaming in real-time, you can easily compress WEBM files using compatible software. Using compressed WEBM files, you'll have videos that are optimal for use on the web while increasing storage space and streaming efficiency.

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