Bulk Image Converter: How to Find the Best Software

Web developers, designers, and bloggers must overcome the headache of converting numerous images to various sizes and formats to suit their projects. It is not fun to start converting each image one after the other. Therefore, batch image processing helps to reduce hours of work to a few simple clicks.

Users only need to specify the size and file type they need and run a script over the required images. It allows you to process hundreds or thousands of images in a short time. Still, every image processor has a unique set of features you can enjoy using.

What is a batch image converter?

Batch image converter is software used to eliminate format incompatibility when sharing graphic data over different applications. You can also use it for optimizing your images. It converts any number of images into one conversion cycle. There is no coding required or many manual settings that waste time.

The process requires users to select various sources of files they wish to convert. There are multiple formats to convert image files to that will depend on the one you need. Bulk image converter to JPG is one of the most commonly used conversions. But you find others such as:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • PCX
  • ICO
  • TGA
  • TIFF

Each conversion mode also requires other settings, such as setting image size, rotating the images to suit orientations, and cropping image fragments to remove unnecessary borders. Furthermore, it would be best to have compression modes, various paper formats, and a watermark to protect files from unauthorized view.

You can convert any selected image originals to a PDF file or save each image as a different PDF file with batch conversion.

How to choose the best software

Batch Image Converter comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are packed with more features, while others have fewer. After all, the final result you want to make with these converters depends on you as the developer. These are some of the top ways to guide you in choosing the right software for all your projects.


You always need a budget before going to look out for your batch image converter. Every software vendor has a different pricing strategy for their software. You can ensure you get the right software by going for monthly-based subscription software. It enables you to use the modules you need with packages, and you can cancel at any time.


It would help if you had batch image software to enable you to do a proper job. The efficiency of the work lies within the features it possesses. It would be best to get software packed with features that enable you to convert images to various image formats that you need for your projects. Since there are many image formats, ensure your solutions have all the formats you need for your projects.

Go for software with trial period

Sometimes, bulk image converter windows have some trial period to use the features before you purchase them. Go for such software since it lets you learn and use the features to know what you are buying at the end of the trial period. You can test the software solutions against your criteria of image conversion and if it satisfies you, use it for your future projects.

Need to convert batch image file formats?

WinZip allows you to convert various file formats that you like. It is built with multiple features to convert multiple file formats. Get the complete list here. You are welcome to try it for free or learn more about using WinZip as a batch image file converter.

Need to Download WinZip