Archive Manager: What They Are and How to Choose One

Archives are a necessary part of the business world. They serve as a way to save important data, which can then be retrieved at any time in the future. However, finding a good archive manager can sometimes be difficult with so many options available on the market today. This blog post will discuss factors to check out for when choosing one. But first:

What is an archive manager?

An archive manager is a software application program designed to manage archives. You can use it to select, collect, store and protect data for long-term storage. Data archiving entails making copies of a file or files in a separate location from their original site to save the contents safely in case of disk failure.

This improves software efficiency by freeing up space on physical disks and reduces redundant access time when the same files are requested repeatedly at different times. Additionally, archive managers offer ways to edit files within archives, so there is no need to open separate applications to access your files.

How to choose the best archive manager

Before settling for a particular archive manager, certain functions are available in an archive manager that you should keep in mind. These include file compression, encryption, simple archiving, advanced archiving, and deep archiving. This will help you choose an archive manager that suits your needs and preferences. Here are some factors you need to put into consideration:


The cost of your archive manager is an essential consideration before you purchase a new one. Consider both annual and per-user fees as well as the licensing process to come up with the best price for your budget. Also, check if there are any free trial periods to test the programs of your choice before buying one.

Supported formats

A good archive manager should also support a wide variety of formats. These formats include RAR, 7-Zip, cab, and gzip. Check to see what the archive manager supports and provide you with the flexibility to select which format best fits your needs.

This will ensure that you can still access your older files even if they are in an obsolete format. While it is preferred that all file formats be supported, most archive managers today have software available for download so you can work with any file format used by others in business or personal settings.

Features available

Another thing you should look into when choosing an archive manager is the features it has. A good archive manager like WinZip has features like archive optimization, file encryption, and compression to ZIP files that facilitate data preservation and management.

Not only does this ensure the safety of your archive, but it also provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to saving files in bulk. Other features you might want to look into include plugins, scripting functions, command-line capabilities, and multi-user access for team projects.

Ease of use and interface design

Before settling for any specific program, make sure it has an easy-to-use interface design with relevant features such as drag-and-drop simplicity and intuitive layout, so there's no confusion about how to use it effectively after installation.

An archive manager with an easy-to-use interface design presents information in a well-organized way, making it easy to access all the functions available. This will save you time, money, and wasted effort if you have to uninstall it and install a different one.

Security features

Besides security features, an archive manager should also contain advanced security settings such as data encryption so only authorized parties can access your archived data while providing enhanced protection against unauthorized access or modification of critical archives. Encryption is vital for businesses since they often share confidential information over virtual networks, which are vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks.

In summary

Choosing the right archiving manager software for your needs can be daunting. You'll want to consider factors such as price, supported formats, features available, ease of use, and security before you make a decision.

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