Bookmark a PDF: How to Add Bookmarks to a PDF

PDF bookmarks are crucial tools when reading PDF files. Imagine reading a voluminous book or an important document and taking a break on page number 319. The next time you want to continue reading, it may be difficult to land back on the same page. That is unless you opt to note the page number somewhere and reference it when you resume.

Bookmarks help you avoid such by allowing you to quickly navigate via pages, skip to various locations in your PDF and have a quick glance at the content the same way you would do with the table of contents.

But how do you create bookmarks in PDF? Read on to learn more because this post is exactly about that.

What does it mean to bookmark a PDF?

A bookmark is a link to a particular page or section of a PDF file. Every bookmark leads to a different page or view in the document. Bookmarking a PDF means selecting a text on the document's page and making it a bookmark. It can also be adding an untitled bookmark, then setting and naming it in the bookmarks pane.

Adding bookmarks to different sections of the same document does not restrict you from using page numbers, but you have precise control over user experiences. For instance, a bookmark can move a reader to a different page and zoom in to a small page section. Setting that involves editing the action property of a bookmark.

How to bookmark a PDF

How to add bookmark to a PDF with WinZip PDF Pro

PDF is a basic tool among PC users for viewing PDFs and even adding bookmarks. The steps involved in adding bookmarks to PDF include:

  1. Open your PDF document in PDF Pro.
  2. Find the page/location of the PDF that you want to bookmark using the read function in the right panel.
  3. When you have found where you want the bookmark to be, select the Bookmark icon from the top of the left panel.
  4. You bookmark will now be place and will make finding your location quick and simple.

Although PDF Pro can be used as a reader and to add bookmarks to a PDF, It also has extensive PDF editing capabilities. Whether you are looking to create a new PDF, or if you are looking to edit a current .PDF, then WinZip PDF Pro is the tool you need.

Use WinZip for your PDF needs

WinZip has been providing efficient file management tools for several years now. But WinZip PDF Pro allows users to scroll, pan, zoom and jump to pages conveniently. You can also view pages in thumbnail view and bookmark and text search for a page or the entire document. Besides, it allows users to open multiple PDFs on different tabs in one window.


Adding bookmarks to PDF files such as instruction manuals, eBooks, and technical documents makes reading easier. They help save time and ease access to the content by leading you to specific predetermined sections. WinZip PDF Pro will make creating bookmarks in PDF easier and can do more than just that. Visit our product page to learn more about WinZip PDF Pro.

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