Split Zip Files

Need to send a zip file, but even the zip file is too big to attach to an email? That’s when you need to split a zip file. Sometimes just compressing a file into a zip file isn’t enough to reduce the amount of storage it uses. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to email large files or send them by a data transfer service quickly, you might find that even the zipped file is still too large. Fortunately, WinZip lets you split files easily to create smaller bite-size zip files.

What does it mean to split a zip file?

File splitting is basically dividing a zip file into two or more smaller pieces that include all the files originally contained in the first zip file. If your original zip file is too large to send via email, one solution is to uncompress it, divide the constituent files up into separate folders, and zip them individually to send across multiple emails.

But with WinZip, it’s now much quicker and easier to simply split one zip file into multiples that you can then attach to several emails. It saves a huge amount of time and ensures that you don’t accidentally leave out any important files like you might do if you were to split files manually.

How to split a zip file

You can split zip files in WinZip in just seconds. It’s safer and more secure than uncompressing a file, dividing it up into multiple folders, and compressing them again as the automatic process ensures that no files are lost along the way.

WinZip is a fast and secure software for Windows and Mac that lets you easily zip, unzip, split, and protect files.

How to split files in WinZip

Use WinZip to split files

To split a zip file using WinZip, first make sure WinZip is downloaded and installed on your computer. Open the program, then:

  • Step 1 Select the zip file you want to split in the file pane. You can split one zip file or multiple files — just select whatever you want to split.
  • Step 2 Click Add to Zip and select the Split option under Tools.
  • Step 3 Save the new zip files to your desired location. This could be your desktop, documents folder, or an external hard drive.

And that’s it! From one zip file to multiple smaller zip files in just moments, giving you several files to easily transfer online.


Zip files are incredibly useful for combining multiple smaller files into one place. But it can be awkward to share them if a zip file is too large to attach an email. Splitting zip files into several smaller files lets you spread them over multiple emails or data transfers. Use WinZip to securely split your zip files in just moments, safe in the knowledge that the files inside will remain safe and untouched. Download WinZip to try it for free today.

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