Affidavit of De-Installation and Non-Use of Software

To be printed on Company's letterhead if licensee is not an individual

WinZip Software Product:

Name of Licensee:

License Size:

Invoice, Purchase Order or CRM #:

Registration or Activation Code or Registration File:

To whom it may concern:

I/We hereby certify that I/we have removed the WinZip software product licensed by me/us under the invoice, purchase order or CRM number stated above ("the Software,") from all devices on which it was installed and are not currently using, nor will use, the Software in the future.

I/We further certify that I/we have either destroyed or returned all physical media and documentation related to the Software.  I/We understand that in order to receive a credit or refund for any physical media, I/we must return it to WinZip Computing at P.O. Box 540 Mansfield, CT 06268 USA.

When WinZip Computing receives this Affidavit and the physical media, if applicable, the appropriate credit or refund will be provided to the reseller from whom I/we purchased the Software license, if the Software license was purchased directly from WinZip Computing, the appropriate credit or refund will be provided to the company or individual to whom the software was registered.

Name of Licensee
Signature of Authorized Representative
Name (Please Print)