WinZip Version History

WinZip 16.5 introduces:

  • ultra-fast zip engine that taps into your computer’s full processing power
  • next-generation technology that harnesses the power of AMD graphics processors (GPUs) 
  • streamlined interface with a more attractive, intuitive look-and-feel

WinZip 16.0 introduced:

  • powerful 64-bit zip engine upgrade for maximum zipping speed
  • seamless integration with WinZip's breakthrough large file sending service, ZipSend.
  • the ability to send very large Zip files (up to 2GB) using ZipSend
  • instant access to WinZip's NEW Facebook app, ZipShare
  • the ability to zip and post any type of file (up to 20MB) to Facebook using ZipShare
  • the ability to zip and write files to Blu-ray Disc directly from the WinZip window
  • the ability to convert other major compression file formats to Zip format
  • extended preview functionality for other major compression file formats
  • the ability to scan and diagnose PC performance issues using WinZip's built-in System Scanner tool

WinZip 15.5 introduced:

  • new compression algorithms designed for multi-processor systems that zip files up to twice as fast
  • new WinZip Desktop Gadget option called 'Folder I Choose' that allows you to create or select a target folder for zipping/unzipping files on a case-by-case basis.
  • dynamic, context-sensitive icons that automatically change to reflect the WinZip tasks available to your specific situation
  • streamlined processes that remove unnecessary dialogs and cut down on extra steps
  • the ability to show/hide the Address bar
  • the ability to instantly jump between any instances of WinZip that you currently have open
  • the ability to customize the look and feel of your WinZip interface with interchangeable themes
  • improved destination folder management, so when you open/alter a zipped file's contents directly from an email attachment, WinZip will prompt you to save your work to a new location on your computer (rather than the email temp folder)
  • streamlined 'Unzip and Try' processes that remove extra steps, making temporary viewing even quicker and easier
  • extended enterprise support that provides IT control over the addition/alteration of e-mail services.

WinZip 15.0 introduced:

  • performance architecture for major enhancements in file compression and encryption
  • brand new zip engine for high-speed zipping
  • improvements to the WinZip 14.5 interface with refined menu designs and more intuitive icons
  • a groundbreaking desktop gadget that uses drag-and-drop functionality to provide instant access to zipping, unzipping and email tasks
  • new 'Zip and E-mail' feature that lets you create a Zip file and attach it to an email message in one simple step
  • new Image resizer feature that resizes and zips your high-resolution pictures before attaching them to an email message
  • Built-in webmail support for all WinZip email functionality (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail by Google, and Microsoft Live Hotmail)
  • Additional email support for other webmail services, enterprise mail systems, and individual ISP addresses
  • Enhanced backup email support that allows backup files and log files to be sent from virtually any of your email or webmail addresses

WinZip 15.0 Pro introduced:

  • additional Backup functionality allowing backup files to be sent automatically from virtually any email/webmail address upon job completion

WinZip 14.5 introduced:

  • new, easy-to-use Microsoft Office 2010-style ribbon interface
  • support for Windows 7 Libraries, Jump Lists, Multi-Touch Gestures, and more
  • one-click functionality for zipping, unzipping, emailing and saving
  • new 'Attach to E-mail' button that lets you email a Zip file directly from the WinZip window
  • new 'One-click Unzip' button automatically extracts the contents of an archive to a new folder, then opens that folder in Windows Explorer for easy editing access
  • new 'Open With' button opens a zipped file using the default Windows file association, and—if you make changes—WinZip offers to save them back to the Zip file for you
  • the ability to preview and open specific files in a zipped folder directly from Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook
  • new 'Tools' tab that provides instant access to additional encryption features, the self-extracting utility, and the Unzip & Try feature 

WinZip 14.5 Pro introduced:

  • new 'Backup' tab that provides instant access to WinZip's extensive Backup functionality
  • extensive list of predefined Backup jobs to choose from
  • simple wizard for creating your own custom backups
  • the ability to back up photos directly from your digital camera or iPhone

WinZip 14.0 introduced:

  • support and optimization for Microsoft Windows 7
  • new 'best compression' option for ultra efficient compression
  • enhancements to JPEG compression technology
  • new preview capability for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • new, simplified menu options for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • new auto-wiping ('shredding') of temporary encrypted files after viewing

WinZip 12.1 introduced:

  • compressed file format innovation called Zipx, representing WinZip’s smallest Zip file to date
  • new image resizing functionality added to email features

WinZip 12.0 introduced:

  • the ability to compress JPEG files by 20%-25% without any loss in photo quality or data integrity
  • new ‘Send Selected Files and Resize’ feature for easy file sharing
  • new LZMA compression technology for better compression performance for most file types
  • support for 7 ZIP, ISO and IMG file formats
  • the ability to set your own password policies
  • new graphic report showing vital information about a file/folder after it has been compressed

WinZip 12 Pro introduced:

  • new ‘Zip from Camera’ feature that transfers and zips photos from supported digital cameras
  • new photo auto-rotate functionality with cameras that support image orientation tags
  • new MSI installations that can be customized to set password complexity and to control the types of encryption available to users

WinZip 11.2 introduced:

  • new Unicode support to ensure that international characters are displayed for filenames in a Zip file
  • the ability to create, open and extract LHA archives (.LHA and .LZH)

WinZip 11.1 introduced:

  • certification for Windows Vista designation
  • new Vista toolbar and program icons
  • new Vista explorer-style user interface
  • support for 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • support for 32-bit Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000
  • new MSI packages for customized installations

WinZip 11.0 introduced:

  • practical image handling through thumbnails
  • more efficient compression
  • support for RAR and BZ2 files

WinZip 11.0 Pro introduced:

  • new internal image viewer for previewing full-sized images in a Zip file
  • enhancements to the data backup functionality

WinZip 10.0 introduced:

  • improvements to core technology that create even smaller Zip files
  • new Explorer-style view that makes it easier to manage larger, multi-folder Zip files
  • the ability to create split (multi-volume) Zip files
  • automatic update checking
  • support for the Windows XP SP2 Attachment Manager, which warns users when files might be dangerous to open

WinZip 10.0 Pro introduced:

  • predefined data backup jobs
  • the ability to automate almost any repetitive zipping task, including custom-made daily data backups, periodic reporting, and off-site storage
  • the ability to move valuable data off site by using the included FTP functionality
  • the ability to create Zip files directly on CDs and DVDs
  • the ability to span large Zip files across multiple CDs/DVDs if necessary

WinZip 9.0 introduced:

  • improvements to compression methods and capacity
  • 128-bit and 256-bit key AES encryption
  • the ability to handle files larger than 4 GB

WinZip 8.1 introduced:

  • further integration with Windows Explorer
  • extensive support for Windows XP features
  • new WinZip Quick Pick taskbar tray icon
  • support for split Zip files
  • the ability to add Zip file comments up to 64KB
  • support for the multi-byte character sets used with some Asian languages

WinZip 8.0 introduced:

  • enhancements to the WinZip Wizard
  • new Windows-like interface
  • support for desktop themes and screen savers on Windows 95/98/NT
  • "Zip and E-Mail" support accessible from the Windows Explorer context menu

WinZip 7.0 introduced:

  • support for Microsoft's CAB (cabinet) format, including most self-extracting CAB files
  • sizable, sortable, and selectable columns in the main WinZip window
  • new configurable toolbar with 21 toolbar buttons
  • improved configuration using a tabbed dialog box

WinZip 6.3 introduced:

  • updated zip/unzip engine with automatic built-in disk spanning for multi-disk Zip files
  • new Internet Browser Support Add-On, which allows users to download and open archives from the Internet with one click via Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator

WinZip 6.2 introduced:

  • support for additional files formats (MIME, UUencoded, XXencoded, BinHex)
  • convenient Favorite Zip Folders
  • new built-in file encryption
  • the ability to create self-extracting files with the WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition

WinZip 6.1 introduced:

  • the WinZip Wizard to streamline the unzip/install process for software distributed in Zip files.

WinZip 6.0/6.0a introduced:

  • integration with the Windows 95 shell
  • new Microsoft Explorer-style dialog boxes
  • drag-and-drop functionality

WinZip 5.6 introduced:

  • new support for the popular file formats TAR and gzip.

WinZip 5.5 (16-bit version) introduced:

  • the precursor to today’s ‘Unzip & Try’ functionality by being able to temporarily install software distributed in Zip files.