Why Choose WinZip?

Whatever your business might be, your day-to-day operations likely involve managing and protecting large volumes of electronic information. WinZip is here to help you manage, organize, and protect your company's files with simple, cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement and ideal for everyday business use.

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Size matters

Maximize your organization's investment in storage infrastructure and network bandwidth at no extra cost and with very little effort!

  • Save on storage costs by instantly compressing your files to significantly smaller sizes
  • Reduce the bandwidth required to share files over your network
  • Enjoy the speed and agility of uploading, downloading, and emailing smaller, compressed files
  • Optimize email server storage capacity by automatically zipping email attachments
  • Reduce the space requirements and cost of archiving email by working with compressed file attachments
  • Zip and send large file attachments to clients and partners without worrying that they will bounce back or exceed server limits
Lisa Purchasing Agent

Lisa is a purchasing agent for a large company.

An important part of her job is to equip employees with helpful software tools that are easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to manage. Lisa noticed that many people were using several different applications to manage their files, protect their work, and share data between workstations. She also discovered that her company was unable to consistently manage how these applications behaved or how each employee used them. As such, company-wide policies regarding data archiving and file security were becoming difficult and expensive to enforce. Lisa investigated further and discovered that WinZip was the perfect one-stop solution for the kind of compression, encryption, and archiving tasks the employees had to perform every day. More importantly, WinZip was incredibly inexpensive and easy to roll out to all workstations via a single network install! As an added bonus, Lisa found that the network administrator could customize how WinZip behaves across all computers. As a result, company policies were enforced and all employees used the product in the same way when performing vital archiving and encryption tasks. Looks like Lisa found the ideal solution!

Time is money

Most daily business operations involve creating, sharing, and managing sizeable quantities of data. Your ability to access vital information quickly and easily can be instrumental to your company's success! WinZip's world-leading compression technology provides an easy, economical solution to help your business achieve maximum speed and efficiency.

Get organized

Get your company's files in order and keep everything organized with WinZip!

  • Organize and store large groups of files by zipping them into a single package, while keeping their original folder structures intact
  • Compress related files together into small, logical packages that are perfect for sharing with employees, clients, and partners

Reduce transmission times

Enjoy the speed and agility of smaller file sizes paired with our innovative sharing functionality!

  • Compress large files to fit easily onto portable media devices
  • Send smaller, faster emails by automatically compressing their file attachments
  • Send zipped files directly from the WinZip window without having to open any other applications
  • Enjoy faster upload/download times with less demand for network bandwidth

Elminate unnecessary steps

WinZip products are designed to be quick and easy, requiring as few steps as possible. Not only does this mean that your employees can work faster and with less interruption to their work flow, but learning to use WinZip products takes only a matter of minutes!

  • Zip/Unzip files with drag-and-drop tools and one-click functionality
  • Preview compressed files while working in Microsoft Outlook or Windows Explorer
  • Open and extract files selectively, without having to unzip the entire compressed folder
  • Open, edit, and resave a zipped file directly from its compressed folder without having to unzip it
  • Auto-open single compressed files in their associated applications
Bob Graphic Designer

Bob is a graphic designer for a successful marketing agency.

Part of his daily routine requires that he send drafts of large projects to clients for review and approval. These might be full book layouts, image-heavy campaign materials, or full web page designs with a host of supporting files. Because Bob has WinZip Courier working seamlessly in the background, he can send his large files as email attachments without worrying that they will bounce back or even worse, overtax his clients' email servers and clog their inboxes. Bob simply attaches files to his email and Courier automatically zips them before the message is sent. What's more, Bob's IT manager set up Courier to automatically encrypt all email attachments being sent from Bob's work station. As a result, all his work is password-protected and safe from prying eyes. This makes both Bob and Bob's clients happy!

Safety first

An important part of running any business is effectively managing privacy and confidentiality concerns. Not only must your organization adhere to government privacy regulations, but you must also meet your customers' demands for confidentiality. In the wrong hands, your information can hurt both your clients and your company!

Compliance with security regulations and adhering to privacy laws can be a very complex and expensive endeavor. Don't worry! WinZip offers a straightforward, inexpensive approach!

Password-protect confidential files

All of WinZip's compression products come equipped with state-of-the-art AES encryption, making them an excellent and inexpensive means of offering invaluable protection for all of your intellectual property. WinZip is safe, secure, and so easy to implement!

  • Password-protect confidential files as you zip them to keep information secure
  • Password-protect email attachments to ensure confidentiality when sharing private records
  • Define password policies and make encryption mandatory for all outgoing email attachments
  • Automatically shred temporary copies of encrypted files after viewing them
  • Safely store records on any media device thanks to smaller files sizes and strong encryption
  • Be confident that compressed files are not corrupted thanks to WinZip's CRC checksums working behind the scenes

Back up important data*

Back up and protect vital data with a few simple clicks and no extra investment!

  • Create and implement custom backup jobs using WinZip's easy-to-use wizard
  • Schedule backups to run automatically and unattended
  • Let WinZip store your backups and log files for you! WinZip will automatically burn backups to physical media, upload them to a secure FTP site, or email them offsite using virtually any of your email addresses

*Backup functionality is only available with WinZip Pro

Adam IT Manager

Adam is the IT manager for a successful chain of nursing homes across the United States.

Because his company handles vast quantities of medical information about each client under their care, they must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This federal law requires strict protection of the privacy and confidentiality of "electronic health information" managed by health care services (such as nursing homes like theirs). As a result, Adam must make sure that all computer stations in each nursing home have the ability to instantly and easily encrypt files. Initially, Adam implemented WinZip Courier with one simple network installation across the entire company. During this installation, he set up default preferences so that Courier automatically encrypts all outgoing email attachments enforcing a specific, pre-defined password policy. Upon further investigation, Adam also decided to install WinZip Pro across the company. Using the straightforward WinZip Pro backup wizard, he created an automated process that instantly organizes, zips, and password-protects medical files before uploading them to a dedicated archive. WinZip Pro even emails backup logs to Adam as part of the backup schedule! What a quick and easy way to comply with onerous federal requirements, all for a fraction of the price of other, more complex systems.

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