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WinZip Courier Key Features

This simple tool blends seamlessly with your system to provide you with faster email delivery, smaller storage usage, and enhanced email protection. Send files to coworkers, friends and family with fewer issues, and protect them from unauthorized access—all with the proven power of WinZip!

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Zip email attachments automatically

Courier automatically zips your outgoing email attachments, allowing you to send files faster, more reliably, and more securely using your own customized preferences. These preferences include:

Custom file extensions – Send blocked Zip files by automatically changing their file extensions.

Compression methods – Choose Zipx: Best method compression to apply the latest WinZip technology, producing our smallest Zip file size to date. Alternatively, choose Zip: Legacy compression for compatibility with older Zip programs.

Image resizing – If you enable automatic image resizing, Courier will first resize your pictures to fit standard computer screens then zip and send them—all with one click! This ensures that your photos and other image files are delivered in the fastest, most reliable, and most accessible way.

Courier Image Resizing

Protect your email attachments

Select Courier’s optional file encryption capability to password-protect your attachments from unauthorized access. Courier offers manual and automatic encryption options, allowing you to choose how hands-on (or hands-off) you would like the zip/encrypt process to be. Available encryption methods include Zip 2.0 encryption for maximum compatibility with recipients' systems, 128-bit AES encryption, and 256-bit AES encryption for maximum attachment security.

Courier protect attachments

Preview email attachments

Want to know what’s in a zipped email attachment? Courier provides you with an instant view of the contents of zipped attachments directly in the Outlook preview pane. When previewing an email that includes a Zip file attachment, simply click on the Zip file’s icon displayed in the email’s header. Courier will display an expanded list of the file’s contents using a simple tree structure.

Courier preview attachments

Want to unzip and open a specific file in the tree? Simply double-click directly on the file to open it with its associated application for viewing, editing or saving—all in one easy step!

If you're running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, Courier also allows you to preview and open the contents of Zip files directly from Windows Explorer.

Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office

Once installed, Courier blends seamlessly into your system so that you can start enjoying its functionality immediately, without having to learn any new technology or open any additional applications.

Microsoft Outlook toolbars
Simply launch Outlook and start writing emails! Because Courier automatically populates the Microsoft Outlook interface with easy-to-use buttons, you can simply modify your zipping preferences as you work!  

  • Enable/disable automatic zipping by toggling the Zip Attachments button.
  • Enable/disable encryption by toggling the Encrypt button.
  • Automatically resize a collection of images before sending them by clicking the Resize Images button.
  • Manage your Courier preferences with the Compression Options buttons.

Courier seamlessly populates the Microsoft 2010 and 2007 ribbon interface, providing you with instantly recognizable access to Courier functionality:

Courier Microsoft interface Courier Microsoft interface

In Microsoft Outlook 2003, Courier builds its own toolbar so that these same features are just a simple click away, available every time you compose a new message.

Courier toolbar

Working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Zip and email files while you work! Courier integrates with Word, Excel and PowerPoint so that you can compress, encrypt, and send open documents directly from within their associated applications. Simply select File > Send to > Mail Recipient (as a Zip file), and let Courier walk you through the process without ever leaving the application!

Save with Courier’s enterprise support

Courier provides simple enterprise solutions to help your organization streamline its email policies:

  • Decrease transmission time and increase your system’s agility when employees zip email attachments into smaller, safer packages of information.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth and storage space used by email attachments.
  • Keep client records shared over email completely safe for only a fraction of the price of more complex information security systems.
  • Roll out functionality to end-user desktops quickly and efficiently with Courier’s MSI installation protocol.

Visit the WinZip Courier Product Information page to learn more about this powerful tool!

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