What's New in WinZip 15.5?

WinZip file compression softwareWinZip is proud to announce its latest release! Building on WinZip 15's performance architecture, streamlined user interface, and file sharing enhancements, WinZip 15.5 provides even faster zipping technology, improved usability, and extended functionality. No wonder WinZip is far and away the world’s #1 utility for file compression, encryption, sharing, and backup!

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Increased Speed

Expanding on WinZip 15’s powerful new zip engine and impressive compression performance, WinZip 15.5 introduces new algorithms that take full advantage of your available hardware to accelerate compression times. As a result, WinZip can now compress standard Zip files from 50% to 80% faster! (Looking for WinZip 15?)

NEW!Brand new compression algorithms designed for multi-processor systems enable you to create Zip files faster than ever.

Ribbon Interface

Enhanced Desktop Gadget

WinZip 15 introduced a revolution in file compression and file sharing with the groundbreaking WinZip Desktop Gadget. This innovative tool allows you to zip, unzip, and email files without opening the WinZip application! Simply drag a file/folder onto the gadget to instantly create a compressed version. Likewise, just drag a compressed file onto the gadget to instantly unzip its contents. Want to zip and email in one step? Just drag a file/folder onto the gadget's 'Zip & Email' tab to instantly zip and email them using the options and email account you designate.

[NOTE: To enable the WinZip Desktop Gadget, simply right click on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista desktop, select Gadgets, then select WinZip Gadget.]

WinZip 15 Zip/Unzip Desktop Gadget

Expanding on this ultra-convenient capability, WinZip 15.5 introduces a new desktop gadget feature that gives you more control over where files are compressed or extracted.

NEW!WinZip Desktop Gadget option called "Folder I choose" allows you to create or select a target folder for zipping/unzipping files on a case-by-case basis.

Superior User Interface

WinZip 15 unveiled refined menu designs and more intuitive icons, making the WinZip interface even easier to use. WinZip 15.5 continues this trend with dynamic buttons and menus, fewer pop-up dialogs, and improved navigation features.

NEW!Dynamic, context-sensitive icons automatically change to reflect the tasks available to your specific situation.

Zip My Files Add Files

NEW!Streamlined processes remove unnecessary dialogs and cut down on extra steps.

NEW!Simplified interface allows you to show/hide the Address bar.

NEW!Window tab and redesigned Windows group displays all instances of WinZip currently open, enabling you to instantly jump between archives with a single click.

NEW!Interchangeable themes let you to customize the look and feel of your WinZip interface. Choose from two built-in themes or download new themes from our website.

The Smooth Theme

NEW!Improved destination folder management means that when you open/alter a zipped file's contents directly from an email attachment, WinZip will prompt you to save your work to a new location on your computer (rather than the email temp folder).

Advanced 'Unzip and Try' Feature

Zipping an entire folder is the perfect way to share work with your associates. WinZip will create a small, easily manageable package that, when opened and extracted, retains all of the folder's original directory structures and file relationships.

Should you receive such a package, WinZip also includes several unzipping options that are very easy to use! One such option is the new 'Unzip and Try' feature (located on the Tools tab). This convenient, one-click tool allows you to open and temporarily extract the contents of a zipped folder without having to save any files to your computer. Once you are done, WinZip automatically removes any traces of the extracted files for you. This feature is particularly useful when sharing drafts that may require review but do not need to be saved permanently to your computer.

Although WinZip allows you to browse through files in a zipped folder without first extracting them, 'Unzip and Try' also ensures that any relationships between the components in the folder are retained as you browse. For example, reviewing drafts of web pages is a snap! When an HTML file and its associated image files are sent together in a zipped package, using 'Unzip and Try' lets you quickly view the web page in one simple step. More importantly, the relative paths linking the HTML file to its images are preserved! This means that the web page will be rendered correctly in your browser, with all graphics intact. It's that easy!

NEW!Straightforward 'Unzip and Try' process makes reviewing related project content within a zipped file a snap.

UnZip and Try

Extended Enterprise Support

WinZip 15's convenient Zip and E-mail tools provide extensive support for most email and webmail applications. Once configured, you can zip files and email them from virtually any of your email addresses in one simple step! WinZip 15.5 refines this functionality with additional controls for enterprise clients, allowing their IT services to regulate and manage what email/webmail addresses can be added/changed by users.

NEW!Extended enterprise configuration capability enables IT control over the addition/alteration of e-mail services.

Visit the WinZip 15.5 Product Overview page to learn more, and check out a comprehensive list of WinZip's key capabilities on the Product Feature Comparison page.

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