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WinZip 22 Pro & WinZip 22 Enterprise

Introducing the new WinZip 22 product line, providing individuals and teams with the latest versions of the world's most powerful compression, encryption, and file sharing software. Across the board, WinZip 22 boosts productivity with time-saving updates and an improved user experience, while delivering increased security to keep confidential information safe. Businesses can now turn to WinZip 22 Enterprise for new IT controls including Enterprise Wide Password using a public and private key, more UI customization options, support for Slack, and an improved workflow in WIP-enabled environments.

Press Releases

WinZip 22 and WinZip 22 Enterprise: Powerful File Compression, Encryption, Storage, and Sharing for Individuals and Corporate Accounts
New WinZip Courier 8 Offers Enterprises Easy and Secure Email File Sharing
New WinZip 21.5 Pro Offers Streamlined File Sharing Experience
WinZip 21 Pro Delivers More Cloud Connections, Enhanced Compression and Streamlined Sharing
New WinZip Universal: Manage, Share and Access All Your Files on Any Windows 10 Device
WinZip 20: Manage All Your Files, Keep Data Safe and Simplify Storage Across Cloud Accounts, Your PC and Network
WinZip® 19.5 Update Offers Easier File Sharing, Intelligent Interface and WinZip Express
New WinZip® 19 Offers Dynamic and Customizable Experiences for Powerful Intel® Core™ Processor-Based 2 in 1 Devices
New WinZip® 19: Unified File Management, Protection and Sharing Finally Arrives on Windows
WinZip® 18.5 Enterprise Extends FIPS Security Compliance for Corporate and Government Accounts
WinZip® 18.5 Now Supports New ZipShare®, Instant Messaging and MediaFire: Send Large Files and Protect Privacy in the Cloud
WinZip 18 Enterprise Offers Simple and Secure File Sharing for Corporate and Government Accounts
WinZip 18 Simplifies Privacy Protection & Cloud File Sharing: New Express Add-ons Bring WinZip Features to Popular Apps
WinZip® 17.5 Delivers Greater Control, Security and Enhanced Cloud Sharing
WinZip® 17 Update Adds Direct Support for Box Cloud Service
Protect and Share Files on the Cloud and Social Media with WinZip® 17