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Empowered collaboration. Complete information security.

  • Unsurpassed banking-level encryption compliant with all major standards, including FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197 and trusted for DFARS
  • Securely share and control information across major business platforms, including SharePoint, Amazon S3, Office 365 for Business, Dropbox, Slack and cloud services
  • Best-in-class compression creates manageable files that are easy to store, send, receive and open

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WinZip is trusted by 12 million professionals and government agents worldwide to save time, boost productivity, simplify sharing and keep information private.

Financial Services

Best-in-class encryption and compliance

With large volumes of sensitive data to protect, financial organizations are a primary target for data thieves, and a successful attack can cause devastating consequences to a business’ reputation and their clients trust.

WinZip not only enables the strongest layer of FIPS 140-2 level encryption defense against would-be attackers, It also allows control to be centralized within the enterprise to ensure data protection at all levels.

Defense, Government & Military

Simplified administration and data defense

Increased security standards and looming threats from foreign and domestic entities demand an advanced and vigilant approach to keeping classified government or sensitive citizen and employee data secure.

WinZip’s next-generation administrative controls give government agencies the tools they need to protect against data breaches, while enabling departments and contractors to meet their obligations on time and on-budget.


Solid protection for sensitive information

It’s imperative that Healthcare providers offer a secure environment for sensitive, personal client information . Add to this the requirements for strict adherence to multiple federal regulations, such as HIPAA and HITECH, and routine audit procedures, and it’s clear to see the multiple opportunities for information breaches to occur.

WinZip meets all federal government requirements for data protection and encryption, while allowing healthcare companies the flexibility to serve their patients efficiently and safely.


Flexible encryption for private data

Changes in technology and consumer needs, along with evolving government regulation at state, federal and global levels put a strain on many insurance companies to keep up.

WinZip gives companies the flexibility to encrypt any kind of data, PII or PHI, and it is suitable for both business users and IT administrators alike. The ability to enforce enterprise-wide standards across the business ensures all private client data remains that way without disrupting operations.

Learn why WinZip Enterprise is the #1 compression & encryption software preferred by businesses and governments around the world.