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WinZip Special Features

WinZip is packed with special features and innovative tools to help you maximize your productivity and minimize your file sizes!

Unzip Files (all major formats)

WinZip instantly opens and extracts content from the industry's widest selection of compressed file types.

  • Zip (.zip)
  • Zipx (.zipx)
  • RAR (.rar)
  • 7Z (.7z)
  • BZ2 (.bz, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2)
  • LHA/LZH (.lha, .lzh)
  • Cabinet (.cab)
  • Disc Image (.img, .iso)
  • TAR (.tar)
  • GZIP (.gz, .taz, .tgz)
  • Compress (.tz, .z)
  • UUencode (.uu, .uue)
  • XXencode (.xxe)
  • MIME (.b64, .mim)
  • BinHex (.bhx, .hqx)
  • Most other compressed files

Not sure if you want to unzip? Use WinZip's comprehensive preview tool to browse the contents of all major compressed file types without having to unzip the files first.

WinZip's convenient file conversion capabilities also let you convert other major compressed file types into Zip format.

Instant Image Compression

Instant image compression makes sharing photo albums a snap! In one simple step, WinZip compresses your digital photographs and graphic images by 20-25% with no loss of quality or data integrity. This lets you send image collections faster and fit more on your flash drive, CD/DVD, or hard disk. Just click and zip, and WinZip will take care of the rest!

'Unzip and Try' Feature

WinZip's streamlined 'Unzip and Try' feature makes reviewing zipped projects quick and easy!

This convenient, one-click tool allows you to open and temporarily extract the entire contents of a zipped folder without having to permanently save any files to your computer. Once you are done, WinZip automatically removes any traces of the extracted files for you. This feature is particularly useful when sharing drafts that may require review but do not need to be saved permanently to your computer.

Unzip and try options

'Unzip and Try' also ensures that any relationships between zipped files are retained as you browse through them. For example, use 'Unzip and Try' to review drafts of web pages on the fly, without having to extract and save them first. Because the relative paths linking the HTML file to its accompanying images are preserved, the web page will be rendered correctly in your browser with all graphics intact. It's that easy!

ZipSend File Delivery Service

Need to send large files but worried about clogged inboxes and bounced messages?  WinZip includes fully-integrated access to ZipSend, WinZip's innovative file delivery web service. ZipSend boosts your file sharing power by leveraging the cloud to deliver your email attachments. Now you can share large amounts of data via email (up to 2GB ), all without changing the way you send email!

  1. Click the ZipSend button and select the files you wish to email. WinZip will zip your files and open a blank email message.
  2. Write your message as you normally would, then click Send. ZipSend works behind the scenes to upload your Zip file to the ZipSend cloud. ZipSend then pastes a corresponding link into your email message before delivering it for you.
  3. Upon opening your email, your recipients simply click the link to download your files. It's easy!

Learn more about using ZipSend to send large files >>

ZipShare Facebook Service

WinZip's one-click access to ZipShare makes sharing files on Facebook fast and easy! With one click, you can zip and post any type of file (PDFs, full resolution photos, sound recordings, PowerPoint presentations) to your Facebook wall or Facebook group, all directly from the WinZip window.

ZipShare also frees you from Facebook's size restrictions by letting you share up to 20MB of zipped data per post!

Learn more about using ZipShare to share files on Facebook >>

Automated Backup Jobs

WinZip Pro lets you define custom jobs to automate routine zipping and archiving tasks. These useful predefined "jobs" automate the process of zipping and archiving your important data, freeing you from repetitive zipping tasks. With one click, WinZip will zip and archive common items like My Documents, files saved to the Desktop, Windows 7 libraries, and Outlook email.

Not finding what you need? You can create your own custom backup job with the WinZip Job Wizard. The Job Wizard lets you specify what files you want zipped, how you want them zipped, and where the resulting Zip files should go. You can even specify when you want them to run!

Portable Media Storage

WinZip Pro can automatically back up your important data and burn your files directly to Blu-ray Disc, CD or DVD. If necessary, WinZip Pro will automatically split your backups over multiple disks.

Want to learn more about WinZip? Check out our Feature Comparison page for a full list of capabilities!

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