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Transfer Large Files With ZipSend

Introducing ZipSend!

Want to send large files quickly and easily?

Want to avoid email size limits?

Want to stop your files from clogging email systems or bouncing back, undelivered?


Need to send large files?

Send up to 2GB today!

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Is your ability to transfer large files restricted by your email system's file size limits? Even though we share vast amounts of electronic information every day, email servers still restrict file sizes and choke the flow of data between you and your friends, family, and coworkers.

Free yourself from these restraints! WinZip is proud to introduce ZipSend, a brand new file delivery service that combines the power of WinZip technology, the speed of web file delivery, and the convenience of email.

What is ZipSend?

WinZip and WinZip Courier are both invaluable tools for compressing and encrypting files into smaller, faster, safer email attachments.  However, what if your files are so large that even after zipping, they are still too big for your email system? WinZip has the solution!

ZipSend is a simple web service that works with our products to boost your file sharing power, effectively freeing you from email size limits.

ZipSend Benefits

Fast, Safe File Transfers

  • Email up to 2GB of zipped data without the pitfalls of bounced or undelivered messages
  • Compress entire folders into single packages that transfer faster and are easier to manage
  • Password-protect files using strong AES encryption to keep them safe when transferring

Simple, Seamless Workflow

  • Work directly from your own email account, uninterrupted
  • Send large files without any extra steps
  • Enjoy increased file sharing power using ZipSend with WinZip and WinZip Courier

Easy, Efficient Sharing

  • Send your original email (your recipients will not receive any other ZipSend messages or prompts)
  • Download sent files instantly (your recipients do not need a ZipSend account to access the files you have sent them)
  • Review and remove your files stored in the ZipSend cloud at any time

Try ZipSend today!